My son Joshua has been having lessons with Dave Mcindoe now for the last 5 yrs..Joshua started playing with Dave and his team in school and then was asked he would like to join the group lessons..I think the group lessons are a great introduction to the game and with Dave's enthusiasm and superb teaching skills it has helped massively in the development of Joshua's tennis game..Joshua now has also had individual lessons each week with Dave which I think is paramount in the development of any player..As a coach myself  I think with Daves skills and enthusiasm it has now helped Joshua to become what I think is really well skilled Tennis player and has represented wirral and his local club Thorndale all around the Northwest..He now plays in  tournaments all around the North west..So thanks Dave for help with the development of Joshua's Tennis..  Steve Thomas  Jan2020





I just wanted to send you a quick note and say a thank you to Coach Dave who runs with the after school tennis club at Greenleas. 

Riley really enjoyed it and i think hes really responded to whatever coaching style it is that you have used.

I have always tried to encourage Riley to be active, trying different sports clubs, gym clubs, swimming but hes just not that interested. 

Hes tried various things but i think his mentality is that if he isnt good or winning at it at it the first time he just gives up and its boring and i think you've really engaged him. 

Its been really hard to crack it but i'm hoping that your club is something he really gets involved him.

I have mentioned to him about sports camp during Feb hols and to my surprise he's really excited about it!

So i'm going to book him on the Thurs and fingers crossed it will grow from there.

I notice that you also do things at weekends so may also look to get involved with him then.

Thank you for sending emails relating to your club and please continue to do so


Michelle- Riley's mum  Oct 2019



My boys loved this when they where younger. Highly recommend  Jane Pritchard, in response to Facebook advert June 2020



Can’t recommend this place enough.... my two have enjoyed group lessons, social club night, holiday camps and their favorite, 1 on 1 sessions! 👌🏻
Everyone always very welcoming and an overall lovely friendly place to come....


Anita McMahon July 2020 in response to Facebook advert