Joining Options that are Right for You

How you choose the right tennis club can be a difficult decision and we want to help guide you through the process. 

One of the best ways is to just pick up the phone and have a chat with us on 07774 700251.

If you would like to have a look around or a tennis taster session, either by joining a club day mix in, having a hit with one of our members or dropping by for a bite to eat in our cafe or sample the atmosphere in our bar, you will be very welcome, just let us know. 

How can we Help YOU?

The best way for us to help you is to understand your needs and what you would like from your tennis membership.  For example, we might ask about how you found us, if you have been playing elsewhere and to what level, whether you prefer doubles to singles, want competitive play in one of our team squads or social play in our mix ins?  All this helps to build up a picture of what you would like and to understand your tennis needs so that we are best placed to advise you on membership types and, once you have joined we can introduce you to the club and members at the right level for your play.

A Real Life Example

James who lives close by to another local tennis venue wasn’t happy with the level of tennis that he was getting.  Having moved down to our area in the last year he was still travelling back to Basingstoke once a week for more competitive games.  We had a chat prior to his joining and then introduced him into a group which includes ex county vets and keen senior stalwarts.  Since joining our club he has given up both his other local membership and the journeys back to Basingstoke.  He plays twice a week in an organised afternoon group, in a four on Sunday mornings, joins in our Club Days when he feels like it and has met many new friends for who are keen to play.

Some Joining Options

The membership categories are listed on our Membership page  but if you want to try an alternative package we have three options below that can introduce you to the club.

Visitor Green Fees

You may play as a vistor up to 5 times in any one subscription year, and pay a £5 visitor Green Fee, to make sure that we are right for you and your Green Fee is creditable against a membership subscription.

Monthly Temporary Tennis Membership

If you feel you need longer, why not take out a monthly Temporary Tennis membership (category A10)? If at the end of your temporary term you decide to upgrade to a full membership to the following 31 March,  we will reduce the full subscription that was in effect on the date you first started your temporary membership, by the amount you have already paid.

Grass Court Only Membership

Some of our members joined intially as grass only members, where we offer access to our the grass courts from when they become are available (usually early May) until the end of the of the season, usually late September (weather permitting). Many liked it so much that they upgraded to full membership.  If you upgrade to full membership to the following 31 March, we will reduce the full subscription that was in effect on the date you first started your grass court membership, by the amount you have already paid.

Grass Court Only membership is only available to new members to the club ie those who have not held a club membership during the past 3 years or to renewing Grass Court Only members.

Grass Only members may participate in those club day sessions which are held on the grass courts. If the session has started on the grass and because of weather is forced to move to another surface then Grass Only members may play on that surface. However if the grass is closed before the session starts then Grass Only members cannot participate.

Take a look at our Member Benefits