Box Leagues

We run regular Singles and Doubles box leagues for tennis members throughout the year attracting at least 100 participants and have a Singles Casual Hitters List if you are looking for a partner to play with.

East Dorset Super Box Leagues

Our fast and friendly format is designed to get everyone playing more competitive tennis, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

There are leagues for all – Open Singles, and Mens, Ladies and Mixed Doubles. Entrants will be assigned a box. The top two will gain promotion to the box above and the bottom two will be moved to the box below.

Our current Super League runs for matches played from 8 January to 28 April 2024.


Detailed rules may accessed Box League Rules

Game Format – The winner is first to 9 games, so can be played within 1 hour.

Sudden death deuce - receiver(s) decide to whom or which side.

Tie break to 7 points at 8 – 8.

For league results, you will be awarded a point for each game won, an additional point for each match played and an extra point as the winner. So, if you win 9 to 6, the winner will be awarded 11 pts and the loser 7 pts.

Anyone playing a match in the first five weeks of the new league (see date below), will receive 2 additional points for each match played, whether or not they win, so this is an incentive to play matches early.  Any matches played, and scores reported by 29 February, will qualify for the extra 2 points.


When you have completed a box league match the winner of the match should send the result to INPUT YOUR BOX LEAGUE RESULTS

Keep track of results by clicking Current Round Results

Our previous rounds of Box Leagues have now finished but you can view the detailed results of the last completed round by clicking Previous Round Results 



The Casual Hitters list is suspended at the present time.

For details of the Casual Hitters List please contact our organiser Mark Hamann

You can now sign up online for the Casual Hitters List, to be included please complete the form by clicking here Casual Hitters List Request Form.