ClubDay Mix Ins

We have several Club Day mix-in sessions during the week.  None of the sessions require advance booking so you can just turn up for a game, mix in and play doubles.  

Monday and Wednesday evening we have two Club Day sessions

Club Day Lite from 5pm to 6.30pm on Astro (and grass when available).

and WeekDay Club Day from 6pm to 8pm, which is coach-supervised by Sally Revell from 6.30pm and lighting provided in season.

Our popular Saturday Club Day  continues to run on Saturday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm when volunteers are on hand for mixing in.

Additional mix-in sessions are hosted on Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons where you can just turn up to play from 1pm till 4pm, contact Sue Burgess for more details email Sue Burgess

For those looking to find a partner to play with, we have now introduced a Casual Hitters List in addition to our Box League programme see our Box Leagues page for further details

Covid restrictions apply see our Rules and Guidance


Latest arrangements for Club Day Monday and Wednesday and Saturday

Club Day Lite starts at 5pm sharp and runs until 6.30pmand you can just turn up to play and mix in with others.  

The second Club Day session WeekDay Club Day starts at 6.00pm SUBJECT TO COURT AVAILABILITY,  finishes at 8.00pm and is coach led from 6.30pm by Sally Revell who will be on hand to select balanced fours. Consequently, you can just turn up to play and also leave at any time during the session (hopefully not midway through a game) and no booking is required. If you are joining this session please wait until the Club Day Lite session has finished or alternative courts are available.

Saturday Club Day starts at 1pm and ends after 5pm. There will be a volunteer on hand for mixinh in. As there is no need to book you can just turn up to play at any time. 

Balls and floodlights are provided for all these sessions. Player Donations of £1 for  sessions greatly received!

Grass Only members may participate in those club day sessions which are held on the grass courts. If the session has started on the grass and because of weather is forced to move to another surface then Grass Only members may play on that surface. However if the grass is closed before the session starts then Grass Only members cannot participate.

Tuesday and Thursday Aftrenoons

Sue Burgess looks ater Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1pm till 4pm. If you wish to join in, please just turn up and play at any time, contact Sue Burgess for more details email Sue Burgess