Junior and Adult Coaching plus Club Nights

We offer coaching opportunities for all members, regardless of ability or experience. We also offer coaching opportunities to juniors who are not members in our group coaching sessions, charged at a slightly higher rate than for our  junior members.

We have an LTA Level 4 coach, Will Tribe, who coaches all the group sessions and supervises the Junior Club night session.

Please see below for our Spring 2020  timetable.

Our Junior Coaching Programme follows the LTA 4 stage progression (known as Mini Tennis) that allows and encourages children to play the game of tennis with equipment, and on a court, where they can gain maximum improvement and enjoyment from the sport. 

As a child improves they will move up the stages of Mini Tennis until they are playing on a full size court with full size equipment.

Please click on the link below to see details of the LTA Mini Tennis Programme:
LTA - Mini Tennis Programme details

Children over 10

At 10 years and older, we have Under 12, 14 and 16 coaching groups throughout the year as well as individual coaching if required. Please note that the ages are only a very rough guideline and many of the groups have a wider age range.

Junior members can also participate in Club and league tournaments which is definitely one of the best ways for players to improve their skill level.


Currently we have a Friday morning Adult Coaching Session for players of all abilities to join in a social group and receive useful coaching tips as well as enjoy playing with other members.