Club Rules

This Club is run by The Management Committee elected annually by membership. Each  member has the same rights & responsibilities as any other. If you don’t observe & follow the rules then no one is going to do it on your behalf. If you see someone not following the rules, then please correct them. The rules are intended to be based on common sense. If you have any improvement suggestions please contact a member of the committee.

1. Members and their Guests

Members may bring their invited guests to the Club. Members are responsible for recording their guests names in the Members guest Register located on the bar door in the clubhouse.

There is a Guest court fee of £5 per guest visit, paid and recorded in the court fee book if guests are to play tennis. A receipt can be obtained from the Bar Steward or committee member. If there is no one around to pay then please pay the next time you are at the club. This system only operates on an honesty basis.

Guests are limited to 6 per year.

Members have priority of play over guests at busy times.

2. Children Under 16 Years of Age

Members may bring their children to the Club, but are reminded that they are completely responsible for supervising their Children while they are on the Club premises.
Club Rules must be observed and children made aware of these rules and told to follow these rules so they do not enter areas which are prohibited and designated Out of Bounds. They would do so at their own risk.

No Child under the age of 16 is allowed to enter the Club premises without an accompanying adult or parent. Children attending coaching lessons will be brought to the Coach who will record their names in his records. Children must be collected promptly once the coaching sessions are over by a responsible Adult.

Children who stray into designated Out-of-Bounds areas or climb on the club roof do so at their own risk and may be cautioned and asked to leave by a Club Official or Committee member . Disruptive or unruly behaviour by a child or children which interrupts the play of Tennis or games on Court will result in a caution from a Club Official or Committee member. In extreme cases the child will be asked to leave and may be suspended or banned from membership by the Committee.

Juniors (11 to 18) and Cadets (under 11) must not be on the club premises after 19.00 or nightfall whichever comes first unless accompanied by an adult.

3. Alcohol on Club Premises

The consumption of private supplies of Alcohol is not permitted.

Members and their guests are encouraged to support the Club Bar and hence contribute to the Clubs finances.

Private parties may be allowed to provide their own alcohol, but only by agreement with the Social Events Secretary or authorised by the Committee on payment of a corkage fee of £50.00 payable in advance to the Club.

4. Dress Code

Members and their playing guests are reminded that appropriate Tennis clothing and footwear is required for players on the courts. The Committee and authorised Tennis coaches may approach those players deemed to have inappropriate clothes and shoes and ask them to stop play and either go to the Club changing rooms to change into appropriate clothes or go home to change. It is in all Members interests to come to the Club with appropriate tennis equipment and clothes so as to prevent an unnecessary disruption to play or the progress of coaching or other practice sessions on the tennis courts.

No black soled shoes which can leave a mark are allowed on the tarmac courts. A test to demonstrate whether they will mark (carried out on the edge of the court) may be reasonably requested by a Committee member or coach.

Only  tennis shoes are allowed on any court.
For info on correct footwear for artificial clay courts, see

All other footwear (or lack of it) including sandals, flip-flops, street shoes, bare feet, socks only, boots, wellies, etc. are unsuitable as they are potentially damaging to the surfaces, dangerous during sport and a trip hazard.

Clothing must be appropriate for a sporting activity and must not include street clothes e.g. jeans.

Clothes of any colour can be worn.

An adequate amount of clothing is also required and a shirt must be worn on court.

5. Court Etiquette

Do not walk, run or move behind someone while they are playing. Wait until a break in play before you walk behind a court to gain access to another court.

The correct height for nets is 36-inches (914mm) at the centre. Net measures (the chain ones are best) are a good idea to have in your bag and can be bought from most specialist tennis shops.

When finishing a game and there is no one ready to play immediately after you please lower the nets slightly (by winding them down five turns of the handle).  This takes the tension out of the net and reduces the effect of pulling the posts inwards and extends the life of the court.

No-one is paid to collect rubbish in our grounds or on the courts. Therefore please help to keep the Club tidy by picking up your own, and any other litter that you see, and place in the bins provided. If the court bins are full please empty them into a wheelie bin by the club house and return it to the court.

Please close all gates whenever you pass through them this stops balls leaving the playing area and encourages small unaccompanied children to stay off the Courts. It also prevents foxes from chewing the nets.

When you are the last person leaving the courts lock the gate behind you.

6. Artificial Clay Courts

Juniors & Cadets must not play on the artificial clay courts unless authorised by a Committee member or Coach.

After play the court must be brushed using the brushes provided in the manner indicated on the instructions and diagrams either attached to the fence or found at

The courts are maintained by the voluntary effort of club members and professionally maintained twice a year. If you play tennis you have an obligation to turn out for occasional working parties to help maintain the courts and their surroundings.

7. Court Times and Queuing

Matches by teams of the club have priority over all other court activity. See the calendar to check for times of home matches.

Coaches have priority use of court 6 (and court 5 if two coaches are in session) at all times except between 18:00 – 22:00 on Friday and 13:00 -17:00 on Saturday & Sunday.

If all the courts are busy and you have not booked, where people are waiting to play then finish the set you are playing and offer the court to those waiting.

Juniors and Cadets have priority during the following times:

  • 16:00 – 17.30 Monday to Friday
  • 17:30 – 19:00 Saturday and Sunday

Juniors and Cadets should only play on the hard courts 4, 5 and 6 during the above times except in the event of matches or coaching commitments. If the artificial clay courts are not playable during the above times then one hard court will be available for adult use.

The following times are Drop-in sessions when you can turn up and play in a doubles format with whoever is on court playing at that time. Players at the end of a set are obliged to include whoever is waiting in a fair manner.

Friday evening 17:30 to 20:30
Saturday afternoon 13:00 to 16:00
Sunday afternoon 13:00 to 16:00

8. Club House & Grounds

No smoking in the club house.
No dogs on the premises or grounds, unless a guide dog.