We have 6 tennis courts in total available from 07:00 (or dawn if earlier) until 22:00.
All are floodlit .
Only members (or their guests) can play and it is free (there is a guest fee).
Tokens for floodlights need to be bought in advance from coaches or the bar on Friday.

You need to wear proper tennis shoes to play on any court.
You also need to wear appropriate clothes for tennis.

The courts are used for club sessions (where members just turn up and self organise doubles sets), recreational tennis between individual members, internal competitive tennis between individual members, inter-club matches and coaching sessions.

The club calendar shows court use (excluding coaching) and clubhouse bookings.

We introduced  a court booking system after lockdown #1 and it has been so popular we have kept it.
Inter-club matches and arranged coaching sessions take priority over individual play.
If you are playing a non-competive set (i.e. not a box-league or inter-club competition match) and people are waiting then you should leave the court once the set is complete, so the people waiting to play can use the court. It is good etiquette to enquire (politely and at an appropriate break in play) about the nature of the match and the current score - so that people can have a reasonable idea of how long they will need to wait for a court.

We have women’s and men’s teams in the Middlesex Summer leagues and Middlesex Floodlit Winter leagues.
We also have a Mixed Veterans Doubles team for the Winter & Summer in the Middlesex Veterans league.
If you want to get involved in teams (you will be very welcome) please contact the club captain or any of the team captains.

3 of the courts have an artificial clay surface. If you use these courts then you must spend 5-minutes at the end of your play "brushing" them to smooth out the surface again. See the Artificial Clay Courts – Court Maintenance After Play.

3 of the courts have a Tarmac surface - they require no maintenance after play.

If you are doubt then just ask anyone playing - while they are not actually involved in a point!

Juniors and Cadets have priority on the hard courts 4, 5 and 6 between 4pm - 6pm Monday - Friday and 5pm - 7pm Saturday & Sunday, except in the event of matches or coaching commitments. 

Please note that for his or her safety a Cadet must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Juniors and younger members of the club must not be on the club premises after 19.00 or nightfall – whichever comes first – unless accompanied by an adult.