BTM Registration & Opting-In

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Every year the club get allocated a number of tickets which we distribute to members of the club by having random raffle .

Last year we had 32 pairs of tickets to distribute because 200 people Opted-In.

This gave people interested in entering the club’s “luck-dip” ballot a very good chance of winning a pair of tickets to Wimbledon (you still have to pay the face value).

The number if tickets we are given depends on how many of our members register with a British Tennis Member (BTM), selecting Elmwood Lawn Tennis Club – NW10 5AJ as your Place to Play and EVERY YEAR Opting-In.

 Every year the LTA deletes your Opt-In preference and you have to do it again – to let them know you are still active at the club and want to be considered for the Wimbledon ticket ballot.

This has to be done by 23:59 on 14th February 2020.

You cannot enter the ballot at the club (held at the end April/beginning May) unless you are a member of the club at that time, have a BTM associated with Elmwood and you have Opted-In.

YOU need to act before 14-Feb-20 to:
a) Ensure the club has as many Opted-In BTM members to maximise the ticket allocation to the club. So this is reason enough even if you are not personally interested in going.
b) So that YOU are eligible for a ticket in the club ballot held in late April/early May each year. If you did not Opt-In by 14-Feb-20 then you will not eligible!

So act TODAY:

If you are NOT already a BTM member you need to go online and join up.

  • Click on the link
  • Click on the View membership options button (no need to pay anything).
  •  On the next page click on the Lite Membership tab and then the Join today button.
  •  Choose whether Adult or Junior 
  • On the Membership form for the entry Are you a member of an LTA Registered Venue? choose Yes and then type Elmwood and your will be presented with a list of a couple of clubs – choose the Elmwood Lawn Tennis Club – NW10 5AJ one from the list.
  • On the the Membership form fill in all the personal details requested and click the Create Account button.
    [REMEMBER your user name & password!!!!]
  •  You will need to verify from an email sent to you.

You are now a BTM - but there is still another step - you still have to Opt-In!

If you ARE already a BTM member you need to go online, login and Opt-In.

  • Click on the link
  • On the Login page enter your Username and Password and click on the LOGIN button.
  • Of course there’s a pretty good chance you don’t remember either of them, so there are links under the login to recover these. If you can’t remember your user name you will need your BTM number – if you can’t remember that ask me as I have a list!
  •  Click on your initials in the top-right of the page and choose Members Home.
  • Click on the Benefits tab and for the Wimbledon Ballot item click on the Find out more button.
  •  Click on the Opt In button.
  • That’s it!

You’ve done it!

You will be eligible for the Elmwood Wimbledon ticket draw.