FG TENNIS Lyttelton Playing Fields

Elevate Your Game with FG Tennis

Welcome to our Tennis School, located in the lovely Lyttelton Playing Fields in Barnet.

We are excited to offer fun and engaging tennis lessons for both adults and juniors.No matter your skills level,our friendly end experienced coaches are here to improve your game and have a great time.Join us to be part of a warm and welcoming community where tennis is all about learning ,playing and enjoying the sport together.

Tennis courses 

Are you looking for the best tennis courses in Central and North West London ? 

Our tennis academy offers exceptional coaching for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our programmes are designed to help you improve your game in a supportive and professional environment. 

Our facilities are designed to provide the best possible playing experience, ensuring comfort and safety for all players.

Programmes for all ages:

-Tennis for kids 

Our programmes introduce children to tennis in a fun and engaging way, helping them develop essential skills and a love for the game.

-Tennis for adults 

We offer comprehensive courses for adults at all levels, from beginners to advanced players. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or improve your competitive edge, our adult programmes have something for everyone.

-Tennis camps for kids

Our holiday tennis camps are a fun activity for kids in the school holidays. Passionate about sharing our love for tennis our goal is to teach the game in a fun environment. Aimed at children aged 5-16+ years the days are designed to be fun for both beginners and advanced players.


Where are located in central and North West London.

Choose one of our facilies below:

Where we teach

Here are the FG Tennis locations. To visit, select a location.

  1. Cherry Tree Wood

    Summerlee Avenue, ,, LONDON, Middlesex, N2 9QH

  2. Childs Hill Park

    Granville Rd, Childs Hill, Barnet, Middlesex, NW2 2AT

  3. FG London Tennis

    Plender street 67, London, London, NW10LB

  4. Hendon Park

    Queens Road, Hendon, Brent, Middlesex, NW4 2TL

  5. Northway Gardens

    Northway, Falloden Way, ,, London, Middlesex, NW11 6RJ