Slinger Control Panel

1. POWER: The power switch turns the Launcher to “ON”. The Remote Control DOES NOT turn the Power On or Off. The Remote Control only works once the Power Switch on the front panel has beeen turned ON.

2. CHARGER: The battery charger plugs into the charger socket on the control panel.
Charging time for a fully drained battery back to maximum charge is around 6 hours.
Please charge the battery for a minimum of 12 hours (overnight) for the fist charge before using. Be SURE that the charger plug is fully inserted into the charger socket. There is a slick “click” felt or heard when the Charger plug is fully inserted into the Charger Socket.

3. BATTERY INDICATOR LIGHTS: The battery is fully charged when all 4 L.E.D‘s lights are red, yellow, green, green. During use, the Launcher L.E.D. lights blink continuously. The LED lights will go out as power is drained from the battery. Each GREEN or YELLOW light represents about 1/3 of the total battery life, so if only the RED light is lit, the T-ONE Launcher will soon be out of power.

4. REMOTE CONTROL RESET: For resetting or replacing the remote control - see “remote control
instructions” on page 17 of the User Manual.

5. GUARD BARS: Protection for the control panel to avoid damage if hit by returning balls. We
recommend that these are not removed. Change to: “Removing these bars will invalidate the warranty on the T-One Launcher.”

6. BALL SPEED DIAL: Controls the speed of the balls being fied. The speed ranges
from the Ball Boy low speed of 10mph/16kmph to an advanced player speed of
45mph / 73kmph ball with tournament level topspin.

7. SPEAKER: A beep sounds when operating the launcher as follows:
   •  Short Beep: When turning the Slingshot T-One Launcher Power Switch to 'ON'.
   •  Short Beep: When pressing the remote On / Off button to start ball launching.
   •  Long Beep: 15 seconds after pressing the remote On/Off button to indicate that the feeder has started rotating.
   •  Short Beep: When pressing the remote On / Off button to stop ball launching.

8. FEED RATE DIAL: Controls the feed rate of the balls. Range is between 2-7 seconds.

9. OSCILLATOR* LED: Indicates when the Oscillator is ‘On’ after pressing the Oscillator remote button

10. OSCILLATOR* CONNECTOR: Magnetic Plug to connect to the Oscillator cable.