Ball Machine

Slinger Slingshot T-One Ball Machine

Fernhurst Tennis Club has a Slinger Slingshot T-One Ball Machine;  a lightweight, easily portable, tennis ball launcher for use in dry weather.

You can adjust ball speed, inclination of trajectory, frequency of ball delivery and control side-to-side oscilation.  It's a simple to use machine that can  help you practice serving, ground strokes and volleys.

It can also give you a good physical work out!

Hit the courts to practice solo anytime.


User Group

The Ball Machine is available for use on the Fernhurst Tennis Club courts by members of the Ball Machine User Group. The User Group has been established:

     -  to keep the Ball Machine secure and in good order 

     -  to aim for the Ball Machine to be self-funded by those that wish to use it. 



Annual Registration for the  Ball Machine User Group is open to adults who have active Adult or Family Membership of the Club. 

There are two types of Registration for the User Group; you can choose which is best for you depending upon your estimated amount of usage:

    Ball Machine Registration

        -  User Group membership with use of the ball machine at no extra cost.

    Ball Machine Registration - Hourly Paid Use 

        -  User Group membership with an additional hourly fee for use of the ball machine. 

See the Membership page for the current rates.

The  User Group Registration subscription period  is renewable after 12 months.

Annual Registration payment to the Ball Machine User Group is made via the Club website’s MEMBERSHIP page.

By registering for the User Group, you agree to the User Group's TERMS AND CONDITIONS , which are set out at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded HERE. Please read them.  


Induction Session

After Registering but prior to using the Ball Machine for the first time, you must first attend an Induction Session to be briefed on how to operate the Ball Machine and how to access and return it to the Pavilion Shed for re-charging and secure storage.   

Induction Sessions will be available on Saturdays starting at 9:10 am before the Club Roll-Up.  After Registering, request an Induction Session by emailing: before noon on the Friday before

Please watch the INSTRUCTION VIDEO and familiarise yourself with the Slinger's USER GUIDE before attending the Induction Session.


Booking the Ball Machine

Ball Machine bookings per user are limited to SIX bookings per fortnight. However, to ensure reasonable access for all, users are to have a maximum of THREE ball machine sessions booked on the system at a time. 

The Ball Machine can be booked via the BOOK page. Any hourly booking cost due must be paid (via the website) prior to the using the Ball Machine for each booking. 

In addition to booking the  Ball Machine you must of course also be able to book a court for the same time. DO NOT book court 2 for Ball Machine use to minimise any potential disruption to other court users. 

The Ball Machine will NOT be bookable during Club Roll-Ups or when Inter-Club Matches are underway.  


Ball Machine Use During Individual Coaching Lessons

The Ball Machine provides an obvious benefit in indivdual coaching lessons in addition to its use for simple personal practice sessions. User Group members who schedule private coaching lessons can therefore book the Ball Machine for use with a Coach during one of these lessons.

Although the Coach may book a court for these lessons, the Club's Coaches will NOT book the Ball Machine for you. It must be booked by the Ball Machine User Group Member.

There are three reasons for this:

1. The Ball Machine key-safe code is only given to User Group members  when they book the machine. The key-safe code is changed regularly because the Pavilion shed, in addition to housing the Ball Machine, also contains a large quantity of Cricket Club equipment.

2. The name on the Ball Machine booking system is responsible for the machine in use, its storage and recharging. If the Coach books the machine this may promote some ambiguity as to who is responsible for the machine.

3. There is a limit on the number of times a fortnight a member can use the Ball Machine, which the booking system can easily log.


Storage and Re-Charging

The Ball Machine is stored in the Pavilion shed and locked with a bike lock. The Ball Machine remote control, keys to the shed and bike lock are kept in a key-safe inside the court enclosure adjacent to court 1.

The code for the key-safe is to be obtained (after booking the Ball Machine) by emailing:

Lock the shed after you have removed the Ball Machine for use.

After use, the Ball Machine must be :

    -  switched off

    -  returned to the Pavilion shed

    -  secured by the bike lock

    -  put on charge

Then lock the shed and return the keys and remote control to the court-side key safe.