The Club allows responsible juniors aged 13 years + to play unsupervised.  Juniors under the age of 13 years must always be supervised on court by their parent / carer or another adult who has expressly agreed to take responsibility for them. No adult can be responsible for more than three young children at the same time 

Within the parameters of the responsibilities required by the LTA of the Club, it should be recognised that parents and other adults supervising children must always take due care of and responsibility for the safety of their children while  they are using, or travelling to and from, the courts, taking account of the fact that for much of the time the courts are largely unsupervised and unattended.

The club's  Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy apply to all our juniors.

Parents and juniors should also be aware of the LTA's Code of Conduct relating to juniors

The Welfare Officer is: Emma Black (confidential email: [email protected] 

Historically, the focus of Junior activities  has been  on Junior Coaching (see below) but the Club wishes to widen the usage of the courts by junior members provided that they behave responsibly and are adequately supervised.

Juniors (14 years+ ) may attend adult rollups, subject to their being of competent standard and behaving appropriately.

Please note for juniors (as for adults), the  Court Rules must be followed at all times and parents/carers must ensure that their children are familiar with this document, which is also posted on the gates to the courts and on the Pavilion noticeboard.