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Frequently Asked Questions


When are the Courts open?

Our tennis courts are open each day from 8.00am to 9.00 pm or until dusk.

Please note: Some courts may be booked for coaching, events or maintenance.

How do I register for an Annual Tennis pass?

  1. Visit the annual pass webpage and select the annual pass tab. Select “join now” for the Annual Pass
  2. Register your details along with any family member’s details you wish to add (up to 4 additional members)
  3. Then from there go back to Freedom Tennis webpage and select Court booking tab.
  4. All bookings must be made via our online system up to 10 days in advance.
  5. Select which site you would like to play on and select your time. You can select how long you want to play for by the drop-down box in the top right-hand corner.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Clubspark with your 4-digit pin code. Enter this code at the gate to start your booking

Do you have concessionary prices or free bookings?

Yes. Tennis court users will have access to the same concessionary rates that our leisure centre users are entitled to.

Advance 25 - up to 25 % reduction on fees and charges (Memberships and Pay as you go). Eligibility: Individuals in receipt of State Pension, Full-Time Students. Under 25's on the following: Modern Apprenticeships, NVQ Training Schemes and Life Skills Training. That's £48.50 for an annual tennis pass. or £5.25 per court per hour on a pay and play basis.

Advance 50 - up to 50 % reduction on fees and charges (Pay as you go only). Eligibility: Carer's Allowance, Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Benefit (not discount schemes), Employment & Support Allowance, Foster Carers and Children, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Pension Guaranteed Credits, Working Tax Credit. That's  £3.50 per court per hour on a pay and play basis.

Included in these options there are free court slots each week where concessions can play free of charge: Cripplegate Park (2 courts out of 5): Mondays (2-3pm), Wednesdays (2-3pm) and Saturdays (4-6pm). Gheluvelt Park (1 court out of 2): Mondays (2-3pm), Thursdays (2-3pm) and Saturdays (5-6pm).

Email to apply for a concessionary rate. You will need to provide proof of your eligibility to receive these discounts.

I only want to play once or twice a year, what can I do?

Simply register with clubspark, book your court time and pay online when requested. The system will display a 4 digit access code and use that to enter at the gate. If you forget your access code it will be on the confirmation email you receive immediately after you book.

Do I get an annual tennis pass for each person in the household?

No. You only have one pass per household, that any member of your immediate family can use to access the courts, providing that is their main residence. 

How do I add members of my household to my account?

Go to your account, member info and click add member, then just enter their name/email address. 

Once I have an Annual Tennis Pass do I still have to pay court fees?

All courts are free to use for annual pass owners, except for a small charge to use the Cripplegate Park floodlights.

Once I have an Annual Tennis Pass do I have to book the courts when I want to use them or can I just turn up?

Yes, you will still need to book the tennis courts using the online booking system, on the basis that they are available.

Once I have booked my court, how do I get access? 

Once you have booked your court you will receive your booking confirmation. Your booking confirmation will include a PIN which you can then enter into the keypad at the gate. Your PIN will be the same every time that you make a booking (the PIN will be active 5 minutes before the booked session, throughout the booked sesson and then until 5 minutes after the booked session has ended).

Do I need a PIN code for each parks venue?

No, providing you book using the clubspark account details you originally registered with,  your code will be the same for both venues.

What do I do if my PIN doesn't work?

Firstly, please check that your booking is correct. Then check you are within the timeframe that the PIN is active (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after)

Is coaching available?

Yes. Please refer to our kid's lessons coaching page or adult lessons coaching page for more information.

Can I register for an Annual Tennis Pass for coaching purposes?

Only LTA accredited professional coaches appointed and employed by Freedom Leisure are authorised to deliver coaching activities on the courts. Anyone found to be using the Annual Pass for coaching who is not part of Freedom Leisure will have their pass rescinded.

If I have registered for an Annual Tennis Pass, am I tied into a contract?

No. You initially register for 1 year’s membership and, if you want to carry on using the courts after that, you just need to renew your pass.

If I have registered for an Annual Tennis Pass, when does it start?

The membership will be activated when you register your email address and create a password for a booking account online.

Are there any memberships or activities available for local community groups, businesses and schools?

There will be social tennis sessions available where members can meet each other. Please visit our coaching page or email here for further information. For Businesses and schools please email with the specific details of your enquiry.

Once I have joined can I relinquish part way through my year?  

No, once you have joined this will last a year.

Can I hire equipment?

Unfortunately, we do not offer that facility however we do have a range of equipment to purchase including racquets and balls. Please go here to view children's racquets and balls or here for adult racquets and balls.

If I sign up for coaching can I borrow a racquet?

Yes, our coaches have equipment you may use, subject to Covid 19 guidance.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking online.  Out of courtesy please cancel as soon as you know so all our members may have an equal opportunity to play. For pay and play customers,  there is a 24 hour window for applying for a refund for a court that has been booked that is no longer required.  Any refund request that is made within that 24 hour time scale will be declined. 

What happens if I do not cancel my booking?

We will be checking no shows on a regular basis and have the right to cancel any memberships who have incurred a total of 3 no shows in any one month.

What happens if Freedom Leisure has to close the courts for events, repairs or Government advice?

Freedom Leisure will notify players if the courts have to be closed through the ClubSpark membership list and social media channels. In this case, any courts that are booked as pay and play will be refunded.

How do I report a safeguarding issue?

Please see our safeguarding page for more details.  

If I see damage to the courts or anti-social behaviour who should I tell?

If you notice the courts are damaged or unsafe please contact us on so we can investigate and arrange repairs.

If you witness anti-social behaviour on courts from users that is not in keeping with those set out in the terms and conditions, please also report this on the email address above so users can be addressed and appropriate action taken.

If you have a problem with anti-social behaviour then please call 101.