Tennis Regulations

  1. These regulations apply to the tennis courts located on Hampstead Heath at Parliament Hill Fields and Golders Hill Park. All players and visitors are expected to abide by these regulations.
  2. These regulations are available on the City of London ClubSpark pages  Paper copies will also be available upon request.
  3. The City of London will take reasonable steps to ensure that the facilities provided are safe.  When playing tennis, you do so at your own risk.
  4. All court bookings must be made through ClubSpark
  5. Tennis players and visitors are encouraged to share and feedback concerns about the facilities provided by the City of London. 
  6. Tennis Courts are available at the following locations:

Parliament Hill Fields, Highgate Road, London, NW5 1QR

Ten Hard* Courts - (no floodlighting)

Golders Hill Park, West Heath Avenue, London, NW11 7QP

Four Hard* Courts – (no floodlighting)

[*Hard courts are usually available throughout the year.] 

  1. All Hard courts are available for hire from 07:30am, Monday to Sunday. Court availability will finish at a time indicated on ClubSpark.
  2. All court bookings are available to hire by the hour and all court bookings will commence on the hour. 
  3. All court bookings will be made through ClubSpark.  Payment for court bookings will be made via the ClubSpark secure online payment portal.  When making a booking through ClubSpark, the booker will receive confirmation of their booking to the contact email which they registered with ClubSpark.
  4. A concessionary charge is made for courts when used exclusively by children under the age of 16, full time students, pensioners and the unemployed.
  5. Proof of eligibility and concession must be produced to a City of London Officer upon request by all of those intending to play on the court. 

Advance Bookings

  1. Advance bookings for courts may be made by ClubSpark registered users who have purchased an annual registration package. Further information is available on the relevant ClubSpark pages.  
  2. Pay and Play registered members can book a court up to 48 hours in advance of the game being booked.
  3. Anyone may become a registered player by registering via ClubSpark  The Annual Registration will be valid for 12 months, this registration enables the booker to make advanced court bookings.
  4. Advance bookings can only be made by the registered player; no player can register on ClubSpark twice. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.
  5. Players may be asked to show a City of London Officer their proof of court booking.  At the time of booking ClubSpark will send an email confirmation of the booking to the contact email address which was used when they registered with ClubSpark.
  6. In a seven day period a pay and play registered person can make two x 1 hour bookings.
  7. Members with an Annual Registration can make up to five x 1 hour bookings in a seven day period.
  8. All advance bookings must be paid for in advance of the tennis court being used.  This payment must be completed through ClubSpark
  9. If a player cancels a court booking he/she will be liable for the court fee if cancelled under 24 hours from the time of the actual booking slot.  If the courts are closed at the direction of a City of London Officer, then the court booking fees will be refunded by the City of London through ClubSpark.  A refund will be applied to the card which was used at the time of booking (it may take up to ten working days for this refund to show on the payment method.)

Bookings for Immediate Play

  1. A vacant court can be booked for immediate play by a registered member through ClubSpark Please refer to point 9.


  1. Private coaching will not be permitted unless written permission is given by the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.
  2. Coaching is available through the City of London licensed, Lawn Tennis Association qualified coaches.

General Conditions – Court Rules

  1. Courts will not be reserved for club tournament games unless permission has been granted by the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.
  2. A City of London Officer may stop play whenever it is considered necessary to protect the surface of the courts or for safety reasons if the courts are deemed to be unplayable.  If play is already in progress and has exceed 30 minutes of play, no money can be refunded, however, if play is stopped during the first 30 minutes of play, a full refund will be given.
  3. A court cancellation should be made with more than 24 hours’ notice prior to the court booking time commencing.  Cancellations made within 24 hours of the court booking will be charged the full court fee.
  4. In adverse weather conditions the City of London may close the courts due to safety reasons.  The booker should contact the City of London t: 020 7332 3773 for Parliament Hill Fields & Golders Hill.  Alternatively you can visit to check if play is possible dependent on weather and court conditions or other court closure.  The City of London will make a final decision.  If the courts are unplayable the City of London will apply a refund to the original payment method.
  5. No cash refunds will be given. A refund will be applied to the card which was used at the time of booking (it may take up to 10 working days for this refund to show on the payment method.)
  6. Player’s footwear must have soft-soled non-marking tennis shoes with rubber or cord soles and without raised heels.  Black soles are not permitted on the courts.
  7. Except by permission of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath, only lawn tennis may be played on a lawn tennis court.
  8. Except for a reasonable number of players’ friends, the general public are not allowed inside the court enclosures.  Non-players may not go on or between the courts. 
  9. Animals and bicycles are not allowed inside the tennis court enclosures.
  10. Any dispute relating to the booking or use of the tennis courts must be referred to the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath e: or 020 7332 3322
  11. A registered player infringing the regulations will be liable to have their registration suspended or cancelled and be excluded from re-registration for a period of up to 12 months.
  12. A no-smoking rule will be adopted on the courts.
  13. Litter bins must be used for the disposal of waste.
  14. Whilst the City of London makes every effort to ensure that the playing surfaces are safe and without obstruction, tennis players should check carefully that the courts are free from debris of any kind before commencing and report any damages to City of London staff.
  15. The City of London accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal injury or loss of property whilst using the tennis courts.
  16. A number of courts will be used throughout the year for sports development opportunities and may be unavailable for booking; permission for this will be granted by the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath in conjunction with City of London Officers.
  17. All written correspondence should be addressed to the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath, City of London, Heathfield House, 432 Archway Road, London, N6 4JH.