Sponsorship Opportunities with Gravesham Tennis Club


Welcome to the sponsorship page of Gravesham Tennis Club! We deeply appreciate the support of businesses and organisations in helping us fulfil our mission of promoting active lifestyles and fostering a love for tennis in our local community. Partnering with us through sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for your brand to gain exposure while making a positive impact on our club and community.


About Gravesham Tennis Club:

Gravesham Tennis Club is a cornerstone of our community and we are also celebrating our 100th Year in 2024. We offer a wide range of programmes and events catering to players of all ages and abilities, from junior coaching initiatives to competitive play and social engagement opportunities. Our club prides itself on inclusivity, excellence, and a vibrant community spirit.


Why Sponsor Gravesham Tennis Club?


  • Prominent Brand Exposure: Your company logo will be prominently featured on our club's website, social media channels, and promotional materials, ensuring widespread visibility among our dedicated audience.
  • Event Recognition: Public acknowledgment of your sponsorship during our prestigious club tournaments, social gatherings, and other high-profile events, showcasing your commitment to supporting local sports initiatives.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to our extensive network of members and supporters, providing valuable opportunities for meaningful connections and collaborations within our community.
  • Community Impact: Demonstrate your corporate citizenship and commitment to social responsibility by supporting grassroots sports development and youth engagement initiatives in our area.


Sponsorship Packages:

We offer customisable sponsorship packages to suit your company's needs and objectives. Whether you're looking for brand exposure, networking opportunities, or community engagement, we have options to fit your goals and budget.


Get Involved:

Ready to partner with us? Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a sponsorship package to align with your company's objectives and values. Together, we can make a tangible difference in our community whilst achieving mutual benefits.


Contact Us:

For more information about sponsorship opportunities or to discuss a potential partnership, please contact:


James Moody

Social Secretary



Thank you for considering sponsorship with Gravesham Tennis Club. We look forward to collaborating with you to nurture the growth and development of tennis in our community.