Introducing Tom Martin-Jarvis

Gravesham LTC's Head Coach is Tom Martin-Jarvis, LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach and winner of Kent Tennis Performance Coach of the Year (2023). 

Read about Tom's appointment here.

We welcome players of all ages and abilities into the coaching programme.  Please contact Tom at

To benefit from Tom's discounted coaching, you need to be a member of the club.  See about membership here.

See our current weekly schedule here.

Adult Coaching:

Adult beginner coaching Thursday evening £8 pay as you go:

2 separate groups 6-7pm and 7-8pm (max 12 in each group). 

You can have 6 lessons before deciding if you want to take out membership.  Contact Lorna on 07941-094156 if interested.  

Intermediate-advanced coaching: Sunday 9.30-11am cost £10. Membership required.

Team Training: Monday evening 7-8.30pm £8-10 .  Membership required.

Junior Coaching:

Our June term 6 courses will be posted soon.

The cost is equivalent to £8 per lesson and payable termly.  Registration and payment will be online.  You will need to create an LTA account to sign up if you don't already have one, for both parent and child, it takes 2 minutes. Please add Gravesham as your club when you sign up to the LTA.  Click on one of the links below to book your lessons.

MONDAYS 5-6PM – JUNIOR TENNIS (age 11+ improver, intermediate)

THURSDAYS 4-5PM – JUNIOR TENNIS (age 9-12 beginner, improver, intermediate)

THURSDAYS 5-6PM – JUNIOR TENNIS (age 10+ improver, intermediate)

SATURDAYS 9-10AM – MINI TENNIS RED (age 6-8 beginner, improver, intermediate)

SATURDAYS 9-10AM – MINI TENNIS ORANGE (age 7-9, beginner, improver, intermediate)

SATURDAYS 10-11AM – MINI TENNIS GREEN (age 9-13 improver, intermediate)

SATURDAYS 11AM-12PM – JUNIOR TENNIS (age 10-17 improver, intermediate)

Tots Coaching:

For 4 and 5 year olds, our June term 6 courses are here: 

FRIDAY 3.45-4.30PM - TOTS (age 4-6 beginner) Cost £6 per lesson payable termly.

SUNDAY 9.00 - 9.50AM (age 4-5 beginner) Cost £7 per lesson payable termly.

Please contact Tom on with any coaching questions and Lorna on 07941-094156 with any signup help.

End of term May holiday camps are here.

For Gurdwara subsidised coaching, please contact