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Shalford LTC Summer Events - Guildford/Waverly Tennis Festival - June 2022

INSPIRE – Guildford/Waverly Mini Tennis Festival – Wednesday 15 June 1pm – 3.30pm
An introductory festival focussing on the fundamentals within Tennis, aiming to INSPIRE. A group warm up will be followed by a tennis activity carousel from the details attached (total stations may depend on number of teams participating).

*Refreshments will be provided for parent/teacher spectators by the Club Committee members.

Teams of 8* - ideally 4 girls and 4 boys (*more than one team welcome providing spaces are available)

Entries - email [email protected] by 27th May with contact and number of teams you would like to participate. Multiple team entries will be confirmed by 6th June.

ASPIRE / HIGHER - Guildford/Waverly Mini Competition – Thursday 16 June 4pm – 6.30pm
A round robin Mini Red tennis competition aimed at pupils with some prior skills / understanding of the game (matches on mini courts with red balls / 6 metre mini tennis nets).

Matches - Timed tie-break (underarm or overarm serving), with "Leaders" to help with scoring on all courts (similar format to events held on previous year at Shalford). Overall winner/runner-up + awards for school games values. 

*Refreshments will be provided for parent/teacher spectators by the Club Committee members.

Teams of 4 - Mixed ideally, but all teams accepted

Entries - email [email protected] by 27th May with number of teams (max 3 per school).

LTA Schools Tennis Funding
Just in case you haven't already seen the information, the LTA offers a £250 voucher to use for  equipment or hiring an external coach (as Holy Trinity School in Guildford have already done) simply for completing a 2hr online "LTA Youth Schools Teacher Training Course". It's 100% free, with no strings attached and provides some great resources to use in your school! Simply CLICK HERE, register and get started. 

Any questions, please get in touch.

The Club also runs an after school tennis clubs at local schools. Please get in touch for further info.