Book your court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Tennis courts may be booked by both members and non-members, upto 14 days in advance.

Bookings are £4 / hr for non-members (free for members), and should be paid for in advance.
Floodlights cost £3 per court per hour (this is in addition to the court booking fee).  

Children and young people (under 18) are allowed to use the courts free of charge without booking unless they are in use for a Club activity or have been pre-booked by an adult.

Court 1, please book at:
                     Harbury Village Library, The Wight School, High Street, Harbury
                    (Bookings made here may not appear on the booking sheet shown on this page immediately)

Court 2, we are trialling online booking for this court.
   For the trial period, online booking will be limited to adult club members - please contact Caroline for more information.

The Netball Court is not currently bookable (although it is available for members to use if the other 2 courts are already booked and it is not required by the Netball Club).