Junior Coaching

There is a thriving junior section at the Club with regular coaching sessions, holiday camps, fun competitions, an annual tournament and matches against local clubs.

The mini-court is always open to members and their children. Children can also play on the larger courts that should be booked in the usual manner, directly via Clubspark. 

It is a good idea for juniors to play with the coloured balls recommended by the LTA, i.e., red balls for 8U, orange balls 9U and green balls for 10U (talk to one of the coaches about these balls). Juniors usually progress to standard yellow balls at around age 11. 

If juniors happen to be playing on a court when a coach is present, they will be happy to lend them some coloured balls according to their level.

Jörg, with Keith, normally coaches Mini Red, Mini Orange, Mini Green and Junior Yellow Ball on Friday afternoons/early evenings. During school holidays the coaching team often hold Tennis Camps, Tournaments and other extra coaching opportunities. 

Throughout the year juniors are encouraged to participate in local LTA tournaments whatever their level; firstly, it’s great fun and, secondly, it’s a fantastic way to improve their tennis skills as they learn to play against others whose styles and tactics may be less familiar than their friends’.

All current junior courses and holiday camps can be found and booked here