Singles Ladder.

Singles is a great game, fun, competitive and good for exercise and fitness.

The singles ladder is suitable for all levels.  It is easy to register and get started.  

This is (roughly!) how it works:

  1. When you sign up you assess your own playing ability on a sliding scale which enables players of all levels to take part
  2. Each time you play a match, points are awarded and your position is adjusted accordingly
  3. Places on the ladder are determined by how many points you have
  4. Each player is in a group of 5, encouraged to play any of the two players above you/the two players below you. 
  5. WILD cards can be used to play anyone on the ladder.  The more active you are, the more wild cards you are awarded
  6. All communication is through the App so no need for WhatsApp groups/swapping phone numbers etc.
  7. The result is all about who won not the game score.  You can agree to play a full 3 set match, short sets, one set or FAST 4. Just agree with your opponent before you start.
  8. If injured, away on holiday etc you can make yourself unavailable and come back on the same points when you return

To sign up, email and request the details for registering.

If you would like to play some singles but not ready to join the ladder yet, there is also a Whatsapp group for singles.  Through this you can seek others to play with.  Text 07891520456 with your name and request to be added to the singles WhatsApp group.