Hillhead Tennis Club Championships 2022

Entry to this years Club Champs has now closed and the draws are available to view here. Full rules of the competition are displayed below.

RESULTS:  Please email results to [email protected] as soon as possible after your match. Any enquiries regarding results should be directed to Andrew Mccullough (07851 825175).


Club Championship Rules 2022


  1. All entries to be made online via CLUBSPARK/LTA.  Closing date for online entries is Friday 24th June 2022 (1st July for Mixed ballot entry). Championships run from Monday 4th July to Adult Finals Day, Saturday 17th September (with the 18th September as a reserve).
  2. Singles: Enter own name only. If eligible, a player can enter all of Main, 45+ and 60+ singles events. (Also see note 8. below re consolation draws)
  3. Women's 45+ & 60+ Singles – open to all aged 45/60 or over.
  4. Men's 45+ & 60+ Singles – open to all aged 45/60 or over.
  5. Women's / Men’s Open Doubles, 45+ & 60+ Doubles: Enter own name and name of partner (with consent). If eligible, players can enter all of main, 45+ and 60+ doubles events
  6. Mixed Doubles: Enter your own name only as this is a balloted (drawn) event. Draw will take place on Saturday 2nd July at the Club “Wimbledon” tournament. No two first team players will be eligible to play together if drawn and will be returned for re-draw
  7. Any juniors interested in entering senior events must have their entry approved by Ash
  8. Players in both Ladies and Gents Open Singles Competitions who lose their first matches will be entered into a separate Plate Competition which will then continue alongside the main competition under the same rules. Watch the noticeboard/online draws for the Plate ties after your first match. No plate competitions will take place for age category Singles
  9. The format for ties is the best of three tie-break sets. Junior events will have relevant format displayed on draw sheets.
  10. Players MUST be available to play on Finals Day at the designated time.  Juniors Finals will be Saturday 10th September (with 11th as a reserve), the Finals day for Adults is Saturday 17th September (in the event of bad weather Sunday 18th is the reserve day). On finals days, senior matches will commence between the hours of 11am and 5pm and junior matches will commence between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
  11. Both players / pairs are responsible for ensuring that the tie is played. If players fail to play the tie by the specified play-by-date and have not presented a satisfactory alternative date to the Tournament Committee (on or before the play-by-date) the tie will either be awarded to one player / pair (depending on circumstances) or be decided by toss of a coin by the Tournament Committee.
  12. Scores should be texted / emailed to Ash as soon as possible after the match. Draws and results will be posted online, full details of this will be sent to players once the draws are made. 
  13. All queries about the championships should be directed to Ashley Webster, The Tournament Committee’s decision is final. Contact details are given below.


Tournament Committee: 


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