The courts can be booked between 10am and 9:30pm (9pm finish on courts 3 and 4) each day.

Members using the court booking system must adhere to the following court booking rules (the system will be monitored and the rules may be amended as necessary to suit demand):

  • Courts may be booked up to a maximum of 8 days in advance (3 days for Juniors).
  • Members may only book one court on any specific date.
  • Courts may be booked for up to four consecutive 30 minute timeslots for a maximum total of 2 hours per booking (90 minutes for Juniors).
  • If you are using the artificial clay courts please allow time to drag the courts before the end of your booked timeslot.
  • There is a charge of £3.00 per hour for the floodlit courts, paid at the time of booking.
  • If you know in advance that you will no longer require your booking please cancel it ASAP so that the court is available for other members.
  • If other players are using the court at your booked time (provided you have arrived within 15 minutes of the start of your booking - see rule below) you should politely ask them to vacate the court, and show them a copy of your booking confirmation (either on your mobile phone or a printed copy).
  • If a member has booked a court and does not turn up within 15 minutes of the booked timeslot, the booking is deemed void and the court may be taken by other members.
  • Any booking may be cancelled by the Club at any time if the court is needed. Members will be advised if this is the case.
  • Any members who regularly reserve courts but do not turn up will be reported to the committee and sanctions may be applied.