The courts can be booked between 10am and 9:30pm (9pm finish on courts 3 and 4) each day.

Members using the court booking system must adhere to the following court booking rules (the system will be monitored and the rules may be amended as necessary to suit demand):

  • Courts may be booked up to a maximum of 3 days in advance (1 day for non-members).
  • Players may only book one court on any specific date.
  • Courts may be booked for up to six consecutive 15 minute timeslots for a maximum total of 1.5 hours per booking.
  • There is a charge of £3.00 per hour for the floodlights (if required), paid at the time of booking.
  • Courts MUST be pre-booked.
  • Take a copy of your booking confirmation with you as proof of your booking (save it on your phone or print it out).
  • DO NOT arrive more than 15 minutes before your allotted court time as your booking PIN will not work.
  • Use your booking PIN to enter through the gate and ensure the gate is locked behind you.
  • DON'T hold the gate open to allow others to enter - everyone entering should use their own, or their opponent's, booking PIN.
  • ONLY use the court number shown on your booking, and for the period of the booking. If others are using your court you should politely ask them to vacate it and show them a copy of your booking confirmation. Don't just move onto another court as someone may have that court booked.
  • To avoid injury, and possible damage to the courts, players should wear appropriate tennis shoes.
  • If you are using the artificial clay courts please allow time to drag the courts before the end of your booked timeslot.
  • At the end of your allotted booking time please vacate the court and the premises promptly.
  • Please take all rubbish home, there are no bin collections presently.
  • If you can no longer use your court please cancel it to allow others to book it - see
  • Refunds of court fees will only be given if the court was cancelled before the booking start time, AND the booking PIN was NOT used to gain entry to the courts.
  • From time to time it may be necessary for the Club to cancel a court booking if the court is needed. You will be advised if this is the case and any court fees paid will be refunded.
  • Any members who regularly reserve courts but do not turn up will be reported to the committee and sanctions may be applied.