Tennis Activity

Hello and Welcome to Hull YPI Lawn Tennis Club. We offer a range of activities througout the week that you can take part in.

Please click on the tabs above for more information on what we offer and book at the bottom of this page.


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We welcome new players and new members.  We have the times throughout the week when we have club mix-ins, these are free to member and are included with in your subscriptions. If you are not a member you are still welcome to join in at a cost of £5 per session.

Tennis players come in all shapes and sizes and will be at different stages of their tennis journey. We recognise this and make it easy for people to play tennis in formats and at times that suit them. We make a conscious effort to integrate new members into the club as soon as they join. For guidance see below or contact our Head Coach Jonny Carmichael for individual lessons/group/sessions/social tennis.

Coaches not afiliated to YPI are only able to coach Non Members of YPI.   For further information please contact Jonny Carmichael 0781247226

Before you arrive, please ensure you read our club rules and code of conduct (further information is on our policy tab).

Hull YPI Club Rules

Hull YPI Code of Conduct