Club Rules

Hungerford Tennis Club – Rules of Membership

The Hungerford Club

The Tennis Club is a section of The Hungerford Club. Adults joining the Tennis Club automatically become members of The Hungerford Club whose rules must be complied with. This entitles Tennis Club members to full use of the clubhouse, including the bar and indoor sports facilities, throughout the year. The clubhouse bar has many events during the year including quiz nights, snooker and indoor bowls leagues.

Juniors under 17 are not eligible to join The Hungerford Club, but are allowed entry under the rules laid down by The Hungerford Club rule book.

The Tennis Section

1. Subscriptions

Tennis Section subscriptions are determined by the Tennis Club Committee and are due for payment on 1st April in every year, including The Hungerford Club subscription. Adult subscriptions include full membership to the Hungerford Club.

On payment of the appropriate subscription, members agree to abide by the rules of the Club. Members are informed of the combination number of the padlocks securing the tennis courts and changing rooms. On no account should this number be revealed to anyone else. Members are required to ensure that the premises are securely locked when they leave.

Only paid-up members of the Tennis Club may use the courts and represent the Club in matches.

2. Junior Members

There are some restrictions on the use of courts by junior members; see point 3 below for details.

3. Court Reservation

A court reservation system is operational though the Clubspark website. You can access this via your Clubspark login.

The booking system works in 30 minute blocks

Only one 90 minute period may be booked for any session, but play may continue if no one is waiting.


Coaching, league matches, club play, championships, tournaments etc. will take precedence over all other court bookings. These will be shown on the booking system. Where possible, some courts will be left available for general play.

If two courts are required for a club match, courts 3 and 4 will be used and if three courts are required, 2, 3 and 4 will be used.

JUNIORS can book courts up to 1 week in advance

ADULTS can book courts 2 weeks in advance

4. Guest Players

Members may play with guests, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Guests may only play in the company of a fully paid up member;
  2. A member with guests may not occupy more than one court except by special arrangement with the committee.
  3. A guest may only play a maximum of THREE TIMES in anyone year;
  4. A fee of £3.00 per adult guest per occasion is payable;
  5. A fee of £1.00 per junior guest per occasion is payable;
  6. The member present shall be responsible for the behaviour of their guest and must ensure that the guest's name is entered in one of the visitor books to be found in the changing rooms.

5. Coaching

The Tennis Club has appointed a qualified coach and all coaching at the Club must be arranged through the appointed coach.

6. Clothing and Conduct

Non marking shoes, preferably tennis shoes must be worn on the courts. Coloured sports clothes, sweaters and track suits are permissible.

The Tennis Club reserves the right to expel members for serious or repeated breaches of club rules without refund of subscriptions.

7. Committee

  1. The Tennis Committee shall consist of a minimum of eight adult members to be elected at The (Tennis Section) Annual General Meeting each year. The committee shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, plus four or more members, who may, if required, hold other offices. The committee may set up sub-committees as deemed desirable, at any time.
  2. The Tennis Committee quorum shall be five members.
  3. A committee member not present at three consecutive meetings without good reason will be deemed to have resigned from the committee.

8. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Tennis Section is held not later than nine months after the end of each financial year.

9. Audit

Tennis Section accounts are passed to The Hungerford Club for annual audit.

10. Maintenance

Court maintenance will be carried out at various times throughout the year. Whilst this may cause some inconvenience, it is necessary both for safety and the care of our facilities. All members are welcome to assist with maintenance