Who We Work With

One of JWT’s aims is to help promote tennis in the community and are working closely with Council and local School Sports Partnerships.

At first sight, tennis may not look like an obvious choice for a school sport. Questions may arise such as, how can we play tennis with no nets? Is it not dangerous with the hard tennis balls? What about all the different ages and abilities?

However, JWT can offer a free tennis roadshow to all primary schools within Aylesbury Vale to demonstrate how this is possible with the use of portable nets and soft or foam tennis balls.

The schools can then become involved in a week programme organised by a member of the coaching team. The school’s teachers are encouraged to join in and gain valuable coaching experience so that they may be able to offer tennis sessions after the JWT programme has finished with the aim to enter the schools into local competitions.

JWT are always looking to expand, so if you believe you could benefit from our programme, whether it be a breakfast, lunchtime or after school club, we welcome you to get in touch.