Tennis is often not taught in schools as it is can be viewed as difficult to arm a class of 30 children with a racket and ball each and ensure they have a suitable safe space to express their talents. JW Tennis can assist in training and mentoring school teachers at all levels with current schools delivery techniques as well as working with the school to find a sustainable and affordable delivery mechanism bespoke for each situation. 

JW Tennis also works closely with SASP and is the provider of the Somerset Level 2 schools games competiton. Julie also instigated the original competition formats and managed delivery for all the Primary and Secondary school competitions across South Wales which spanned across 16 Local Authorities and had over 2500 participants before she relocated back to Somerset. She has also worked within all educational settings including; Nursery, Primary, Secondary, College and University levels. 

Having worked within educational instituations providing curriculum tennis delivery and externally assisting with grants, funding and tutoring, please get in touch to see if we can support your tennis requirements without costing the earth. Free school taster days are regulary delivered, and we love to partner with local schools in order to share and support news stories via social media.