Oxshott Junior Tennis Coaching


Why learn to play tennis at Oxshott?


Attending the Oxshott Coaching programme not only enables your child to learn the game of tennis but also multiple life skills at the same time. From an early age, children focus on building and maintaining friendly relationships with other children at the club and coaches during their lessons. Children also quickly learn that success’ and failure’s happen in sport, from missing and making a forehand in their first lesson to winning and losing tournament finals. They are able to deal with these high’s and low’s in a supportive environment from their peers, coaches and parents. 

Throughout a child’s tennis journey they continually build on these important skills while starting to develop new and more complex set of life skills, which include: emotional intelligence, personal development, commitment and communication skills. 

The junior tennis pathway at Oxshott offers a comprehensive structure for parents and children to progress depending on each child’s aims and ambitions for their tennis career. Whether they want to be able to play socially with friends or want to play competitively at county and regional level, Oxshott Tennis Club provides the necessary structure and expertise to enable your child to achieve their goals. 



Our foundation classes are perfect for those learning the game and those looking to play socially. Players are introduced to the fundamental techniques of all strokes that will help them gain confidence in their ability. They will develop their tennis in a fun and exciting environment and enable them to play tennis with other children outside of their lessons. 



The team development sessions at Oxshott Tennis Club are for players who have a good understanding of the techniques required to play competitive matches. Children are able to maintain rallies with other players. Coaching sessions continue to develop the correct techniques while beginning to introduce the tactical aspects of playing a tennis match with players competing in matches both internally and externally.



The Focus Performance Programme provides top-level coaching, strength and conditioning training with tournament travel and expertise for top junior players.  A primary difference to other programmes is that all players work directly with the Focus Performance coaches only for their individual and group training sessions, each player is personally assessed on a weekly basis with player and parent receieving a progress report every 6 weeks.

Our aim is for these players to progress through to become county/regional level tennis players.

If you are not currently participating in one of our courses please get in touch with us so that we can guide you to the most appropriate group.

To book onto one of our classes please email James Starr for the direct booking link.

Please note team development and focus performance classes are by invitation only.  All enquires can be made to James Starr via e-mail: james@oxshottsports.com or phone 07716 222371.