Weather Policy

Weather Policy

In the event of poor weather conditions or extreme heat, a coached tennis session may be cancelled.  The decision on whether to cancel a session for health and safety reasons will be taken by the Coach responsible for that session.  

Some sessions will go ahead in bad weather.  Others will not.  Please assume in the first instance that all sessions will go ahead and bring suitable waterproof or cold weather clothes for the conditions.

Group Coaching - If a session must be cancelled due to poor weather or other unforeseen circumstances there will be no refund (unless 50% of the sessions are rained off then you get a refund on the course).

In the event of such a cancellation, you will be contacted by email or text using the contact details you have provided to the ClubSpark booking service.  Please ensure that these details are correct and please confirm receipt of the lesson cancellation on each occasion. (Coaches will contact everyone in the class at once and so will not be able to respond individually to texts, e-mails or calls querying the weather).

Individual Coaching- If the Coach decides that a session needs to be cancelled before the session begins, or before the end of 20 minutes into that session, this session will be refunded. If a session is 30mins completed no refund will be offered.

Sometimes, decisions will be taken last minute, as the weather is so changeable.  While we are always keen for sessions to go ahead, please respect that the health and safety of our players and coaches is our first consideration. 

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund or credit note for any missed sessions due to positive Covid-19 positive test or self-isolation. Sessions may be moved at coaches' discretion. 

Sun Safety Code

York House Gardens recognises the importance of protection against the potential harmful effects of the sun. While this is relevant to all players, it is particularly important for our junior members.

We recommend following simple guidance is extracted from the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code:

  • Clothing is the best form of defence - children should wear long sleeved shirts, caps and sunglasses
  • We recommend the use of SPF30+ sunscreen - don't forget the hard to reach places
  • All children should bring water bottles and should be encouraged to drink regularly
  • Avoid playing in extremes of heat, for example temperatures over 30C
  • Look out for signs of heat exhaustion - fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea or hot, red and dry skin
  • Coaches should lead by example

The following is guidance to coaches on ways to help get the message across:

  • Read the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code yourself, and lead by example
  • Pay special attention to children with disabilities and learning difficulties
  • Talk about sun protection in a positive, engaging and fun way
  • Have a Q&A session, asking kids what they know about the sun
  • Clothing and eye protection should be the first line of defence
  • Remember the "hard-to-get-to" places - backs of knees; ears; eye area; neck and nose; scalp

Remind kids that they can burn even on cloudy days in summer.