League Tennis

To view results from the Herefordshire and Worcestershire league fixtures please click here.

We currently have the following teams entered:

Mens -  A (Winter Division 3 West) , B (Winter Division 5 West), C (Winter Division 5 West),  D&E (Winter Division 6 West),   F (Winter Division 7 West), A (Summer Division 6 East), B (Summer Division 8 East), C & D (Summer Division 10 East)

Ladies - A (Winter Division 3 West), B (Winter Division 5 West), C (Winter Division 6 West), A (Summer Division 4 East)

Mixed - Winter Division 4 West,  Winter Division 5 West, Summer Division 3 West, Summer Divison 7 East

We also enter a team into the Jane Poynder Indoor League, held at the Malvern and County Indoor Tennis Centre, Malvern, which runs between September and March.