Court Availability





LTA guidance has been revised, and the playing of doubles as well as singles is now permitted with members outside your household.  Social distancing rule must still be obeyed at all times.  If you play in a four, you cannot mix in with any other four, or social distancing will fall apart.  

THE LOCK to the perimeter gate has had to be changed: the code is sent to all members, but it only opens if you press the button on the bottom of it.  Please ensure you lock up if you are the last to leave.  

COACHING is permitted under the LTA guidance, now in groups of up to 6 including the coach.  Please contact David on 07921 456113 or Tim on 07

Coaching will not count as one of your two weekly bookable slots.  David and Tim will have the use of Court 3 for coaching, but please text them on any day to see if there is any time when they are not using it if all the other courts are full.



Please stick to these rules for everyone’s safety.  If you see someone not abiding by the rules, please tell them as they may not have read this document.  

  • You can only come into the club compound if you have a court booked in advance, online.  The system will allow each member registered with Clubspark to book two slots of one hour in each 7 days.  You may now book consecutive slots for doubles of singles for 2 hours only.  
  • When playing outside your household, social distancing must be maintained at all times.  You may not change with others playing on another court – in other words, no informal mix-ins can take place.  
  • MEMBERS ONLY – no guests.  Wear your SHOE TAG.  NO TAG, NO PLAY!  We are happy to make members of your family who are temporarily with you, a club member for a month or two.  Please contact the secretary.
  • Play only on the court you have booked.  
  • Do not attend the club without making a booking, even if there is a slot online.  If everyone does this, social distancing will not be maintained.    
  • Please alert those playing on the court you have booked of your arrival – from outside the relevant court.  Please finish play promptly if your hour is up.  
  • The main perimeter gate will be used ONLY as the entrance for members and will be kept open while the coaches are present.  The Winchester College gate (onto Palmers Field) will be opened as an exit point ONLY.  If the coaches are absent, please ensure you shut the main gate if you are the last to leave.  
  • Gates and handles will be cleaned daily.  Sanitiser will be available, but please bring your own hand gel and use it before and after play.  
  • Do not touch the court gates, they will be left unlatched. Open them gently with your foot.  Do not touch the nets, they will be checked daily for height and the winders removed.   
  • TENNIS BALLS: please bring your own and do not touch those brought by anyone else.  Please mark your own tennis balls, and ensure you touch only these balls.  Use your own balls for serving.  Do not ask a member of the public to throw a ball back.  David and Tim have tennis balls to buy.  
  • The clubhouse is locked as a result of the number of people on the playing fields.  Bring your key if you wish to use the toilets, and please wash your hands after use with the soap and hot water provided.  One person only at a time in each cloakroom.
  • The kitchen, the seating in the clubhouse and outside cannot be used.  Please bring your own drinks with you.  
  • Spectators may not attend the club, save that one parent may attend with a child in coaching and one carer with a disabled person.   
  • If the coaches ask you to do/not do something, please comply – it is for your own safety.
  • NO DOGS – they are a potential transmission point.
  • CPR guidelines have changed – PPE is necessary.  See   



  • First go to the Kingsgate website:
  • Next click on the “Sign in or register” icon in the top righthand corner and sign in to the website – or register.
  • On the home page, click the new “Court Bookings” tab – after that navigate to the date you want to book and click an available slot.  You will be sent an email to confirm your booking.  
  • You can simply click on this link to take you to the court booking page (after a sign-in page):
  • You can download an App to your phone which will keep your bookings up to date, and enables you to make new bookings very easily.  Just search on Clubspark in the App store for your phone.
  • If the website says “access denied” when you click court booking, this is either because you need to use your original log-in details to get access, OR you registered for Clubspark without going through the website, so your membership is not linking with the club – you need to ring Clubspark to get this altered.  


THE COMMITTEE will review these rules as we discover how it is all working, and as LTA guidelines change.  This will only work if we all comply and use common sense.  

Lastly, do enjoy your tennis once again, and stay safe.