Latika 2021 Club Winners

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Congratulations to those of you who have received one of Matt’s awards for 2021. Well done to everyone for such a fantastic effort this year. Keep it up!

Here are our wonderful winners:

Group 1 - 4 Awards

Group 1    Arush Rajinivas & Leo Swiatek - Excellent Effort Medals

Group 2    Mila Parmenter & Sadhana Nilavalagan - Excellent Effort Medals
Group 3    Harrison Sweet & Bella Anderson - Excellent Effort Medals
Group 4    Samuel Rogers & Emma Zini - Excellent Effort Medals

Group 4 Excellent Effort  Samuel Rogers


Most Improved U14    Eva Kopik    

Top Squad Winners:

Most Improved U14    Udan Delpachitra
Most Improved U18    Libby Williams & Oliver Wickens
Most Valued U18    Bethany Dark & Oliver Binnie
Most Dedicated Player    Robert Newman     
Highest Ranked Player    Mariam Balat     

Excellent Effort  Nathan McWilliam