Oh what a racquet!

Oh What a Racquet at Llanishen Golf Club!

Members of Llanishen Golf Club are used to seeing golf balls around the place, but on the 17th. May this year, they were surprised to see that a Tennis Ball was being held.

The sun shone across the greens and the views from the clubhouse were splendid.

Lisvane Tennis Club held a fund raising event at the Club and soon the evening was full of music and laughter.

The dinner dance was organised by the LTC social committee to fund maintenance work needed at the Tennis Club. Members as usual are good sports, and selflessly threw themselves (no names) into enjoying the evening & were able to raise £760 for the Club.

Tennis players are selfless in the extreme when it comes to eating, drinking and ‘Dad ‘dancing!

After a few drinks the canapés were served, and then everyone took their places at tables fittingly named -

String fellows, The Umpire Strikes back and A Love Match  etc.

A  Game of Heads & Tails started the evening off and Paula & Sue Jones took control.

Sue valiantly threw the coins in the air but somehow never managed to catch them, causing ripples of laughter as the game progressed.

With two people left in the game, it finally came to an end with Neil McBroom being the last man standing.

Dinner was then served and when the last of the delicious chocolate dessert was finished, the DJ. Tom introduced a music game to be played.

There were eventually two finalists, Kath.Thomas and Diane Davies. To decide a winner, both had to give an impression of playing Air Guitar.

They took to the stage and whilst they were surprisingly good (?) Kath. Thomas claimed victory after sliding across the floor. A woman of many talents, but oh! her poor knees.

Once we had all recovered, and decided sometimes it is better to lose a competition, it was time for the raffle to take place.

Lots of lovely prizes were in the draw and tickets were easily sold. The prizes were all donated and many thanks to all who did so.

Bottles of wine and gin were won, as well as a meal at the Black Griffin. Tennis wear and vouchers soon followed. Neil McBroom appeared again, winning a lovely navy leather handbag. Although he liked it, I hope he gave it to his wife, Val.

The last prize was a pair of Nike running trainers which Tom decided to auction.

 After several bids and Sheridan modelling the trainers, Des Whittle made the highest bid and eventually won them.

 I am sure he will look decidedly dapper, walking around Lisvane in fluorescent blue trainers.

Once, all the prizes had been collected, tried on, or drunk, (not the gin). It was time for the dancing to start.

Tom ensured the music was wide ranging and most people decided to join the dance floor. The ladies took to the floor, whilst their partners decided to save themselves for later. The men joined in at some point, and some of the ‘Dad’ dancing was quite memorable. The steps have improved over the years, and a version of John Travolta and ‘Dirty Dancing’ was a joy to behold (even if the hold did not materialise!)

The evening was really good fun but it was over too quickly. Thanks must go to Llanishen Golf Club for hosting a great evening, and also the ladies from LTC. social committee who organised the event.

However, we now need to concentrate on our next fundraising event.

Anyone for tennis?

Angela Whittle (Social Sec.)