Members of Lisvane Tennis Club (which is a  section of Cardiff Athletic Club) are subject to the Rules and Constitution of Cardiff Athletic Club and to the Tennis Section Bye-Laws and Regulations.  In addition as a responsible Tennis Club which is LTA TennisMark accredited, Lisvane Tennis Club has a number of policies relating to Safeguarding, Complaints, Equality etc.

Copies of all these rules, regulations and policies can be found at the following links:

Club Constitution and Rules -


Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club Policies

Safeguarding and Welfare Policies

Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club -Anti-Bullying-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Codes of Conduct
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Diversity-and-Inclusion-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club- Online-Safety-and-Communication-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club- Safeguarding-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Safe-Recruitment-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club- Use-of-Changing-Rooms-Policy
Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Whistleblowing Policy

Lisvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Recordning and Publishing Images Policy

Lissvane (CAC) Tennis Club - Code of Practice - Working with Young People