External Events

Appropriate and well-organised competition can help players to gauge your progress, support goal-setting, implement new skills and tactics, face different game styles, meet new people and ultimately stay in the sport for longer. If you dont enjoy competing, it may be worth evaluating whether you are doing the right type of event!

Competition can be broadly split between:

  • Team events, run by your County LTA and entered by your tennis club.
  • Singles/Doubles events which are 'Closed' (run internally within a club for its own members)
  • Singles/Doubles events which are 'Open' (put on for players from any club). 

In addition to club-based competition, juniors in particular are encouraged to enter external competitions and our coaches will be pleased to advise you which competitions are suitable for your young player. Our competition guide gives an overview of the various levels of competition available:

A guide to Open Tournaments