New floodlighting - no more need for tokens!

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I am very pleased to announce that today, thanks to our treasurer Bob Merry, we have installed a new floodlighting system on Courts 1 & 2, meaning that tokens will no longer be needed - please note any unused tokens you still have can be reimbursed by contacting Patrick Hayward.

So here are some instructions so you can operate the new floodlight setup easily:
1) The ON/OFF is just a simple push button system and the cabinet door has a key on a string to enable you to open the new box.
2) The timer prevents the lights starting before 3pm and continuing beyond 10pm.
3) If the lights do not come on when you press the ON button then it is likely that someone else has only just turned them off and so you must wait 20-30 mins for the lights to cool down and only then will they start up again automatically.
4) Please don't keep pressing the ON/OFF buttons and just be patient.

If you notice any problems or faults please alert Dominick Harrison at or Bob Merry at and they will diagnose the issue or contact our vendor Floodlighting Ltd.

So all that's left to say is a heartfelt thanks to Bob for getting the new system setup and for all members to start using and enjoying your new benefit of playing night tennis!

David Berrell - Chairman

Long Crendon Lawn Tennis Club