Tennis 21

Tom Ellis is our resident coach here at Lymington Tennis Club. He is the founder of Tennis 21 which is a coaching company created to make tennis more accessible, flexible and encourage people to play more than once per week.

Tom is a Master Level 5 Coach (only 300 in the 5000 strong UK workforce) and holds LTA Accreditation plus and is an official LTA Coach Mentor (only 32 in the UK).

Tom also works with Billie-Jo Taylor (LTC Member) who is  completing her Level 2 (coach) qualification. Alongside him on court, various juniors pitch in and help out and give back to the youngsters learning the game.

Tennis 21 have a full schedule running over 4 days per week offering tennis and fitness sessions for all ages and abilities. Full details of the weekly schedule can be found on their website.



For £1 you can have  access to one session each week in our coaching programme. There is no commitment and a weekly schedule that fits your life.

After the £1 trial you have four options to choose from:

  • Attend three coaching sessions each week for a fixed fee of £66 per month. This works out at just over £5.50 per session
  • Attend two coaching sessions each week for a fixed fee of £48 per month. This works out at just over  £6 per session
  • Attend one coaching session each week for a fixed fee of £32 per month. This works out at just over £8 per session
  • Attend one session with no further commitment at all for £10.


If you decide a membership is not quite from you can sign in for any session you wish for £10 which is all done through the app or website.

There is no commitment at all, just book and play when you like.

A helpful video of how to create an account and book drop in sessions can be found here.

If any of your friends or fellow LTC members fancy doing this, they can create their account by clicking here!


We offer a comprehensive private coaching facility which includes:

An initial over the phone consultation to find out what your goals are?

An introductory session where I conduct a full player analysis (this requires you to bring a training partner to the sesssion)

I then provide a full assessment of your game and offer some ideas of where we can improve.

Together, we set some goals for the sessions (normally done in blocks of 6 lessons) and then get busy on making the goals a reality!!


Price List

We are keeping the price low (less than 25% of the price of an in person 1:1 lesson) in the hope that this service is available to more people!

30 Minutes: £25

45 Minutes: POA

55 Minutes: £45


Time Slots

Most tennis coaches have fairly limited time and I am no different to other coaches! The only times I have available each week are listed below:

Thursday 11.00-12.00pm

  Friday 8.15-9.15am

    Friday 11.15-12.15pm

      Saturday 10.15-11.00am

        Saturday 12.00-13.00pm

In addition to 1:1 tuition we also have online teaching (starting at £9.99). Please do get in touch with us if you want to know more about the more personalised coaching options we have available for you.


P: 07931 643 188


Adults Programme

Junior Programme