Junior Coaching Programme


At the Blue stage, children will learn fundamental skills for tennis through play in a fun, stimulating and safe environment. Children will be encouraged to make decisions and positively cooperate with other children. Sessions will be active with skills being developed at an appropriate pace to the child’s experience and ability.

At the Red stage, children practice to serve (with an overarm throw) rally, and learn to play points. Coaches will help children to develop adaptive skills, coordination, balance & speed. Through basic instruction, children continue to prepare for the game ahead.

At the Orange stage, children learn the rules & scoring to play the game from serve & return. Coaches will support children to grow their motor skills (orientation, hand-eye coordination, running & moving) to play in a dynamic environment. At the Orange stage children will increase proficiency, problem-solving skills & learn sportsmanship.

At the Green stage, children enjoy playing tennis on a full size court. Coaches will help children to grow their game to play with variety and will continue to improve their tactical awareness whilst refining technique. Children will become more autonomous and accept greater responsibilities.

At the Yellow stage, children are now playing on a full size court with the balls the professionals use. Children will continue to explore different game styles and start to find their own. They will evolve through well-rounded motor skills development whilst improving their physical capacities. By this stage, children will be tennis fans for life!

Comprehensive coaching programmes are on offer at all our coaching venues to cater for your childs every tennis need and they all form part of LTA YOUTH.

All our squads and sessions are progressive as we don't want to hold any of our players back. Our coaches will liase with parents and children to find the most suitable squad at your chosen venue.


ALL PLAYERS ATTENDING ANY PROGRAMME AT ANY OF OUR VENUES MUST BE MEMBERS OF THE TENNIS CLUB (This fee is paid direct to the tennis club - please visit their website for details). The only exception to this rule is those players attending LTA YOUTH START COURSES, OUR HOLIDAY TENNIS CAMPS & TRIAL SESSIONS..

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LTA YOUTH COMPETE - COMPETITION We believe that competition is an important part in the development of a tennis player. Competition does not have to be serious it can be lots of fun too. Many of our coaching sessions include fun competition and we arrange tournaments outside of the coaching sessions all year round. for all our tennis players. We promote external LTA competitions to all children involved in our coaching programme.

LTA YOUTH SCHOOLS - OUR SCHOOLS COACHING PROGAMME IS A BIG PART OF OUR PROGRAMME - We are involved with many local schools running curricular coaching sessions and after school tennis clubs. It is convenient for parents and it allows us to take tennis to the children. Many of our players have started their tennis journey at either an after school club or at our holiday tennis camps. For more details on our schools programme visit our SCHOOLS page

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