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Back on court!

We hope you're enjoying this amazing weather and the opportunities we have to play tennis again. The good news is that following the further easing of restrictions in England we are now able to open all the courts to allow doubles play, with members from different households.

The importance of keeping your distance is still paramount, as is washing your hands before you leave home and using hand sanitizer when you are at the club. The clubhouse will remain closed for the time being, so please bear this in mind.

In order to make this work for everyone we need to ask that you keep to the following guidelines:

1) You must only play on the court you have booked - this is very important as the new LTA guidance requires that we will need to help track and trace individuals who may have been in contact with someone who gets Covid-19. Therefore we really need to be sure who played on which court and and at what time. This applies even to the side-by-side courts - you must only play on the court you have booked.

2) You must put your contact name on your booking. When you make a booking a 'Contact' box pops up - you must fill this in. The simplest way is to click 'Me' to the right of the box. The booking sheet will be periodically checked and any bookings with no name on them will be cancelled by the administrator - you will not necessarily get an email notifying you of this so please get in the habit of viewing the booking sheet after you have booked to confirm you can see your name on it.

3) Courts 1, 3 and 5 are the only courts to be used for doubles; you must not play doubles on courts 2 or 4. This is because the LTA guidance recommends only 6 players on each fenced court area, so one game of doubles can be played alongside one game of singles. For avoidance of doubt you can play singles and doubles on courts 1, 3 and 5, and singles only (not doubles) on courts 2 and 4. 

4) For courts 1 to 4, please book courts in sequential order. Court 1 should be booked if available and so on and so forth. Some examples:

i) If court 1 is booked for the time you want and you want to play singles, courts 2, 3 and 4 are free. You should book court 2.
ii) If court 1 is booked for the time you want and you want to play doubles, courts 2, 3 and 4 are free. You should book court 3 as doubles is not permitted on court 2.
iii) If you want to play singles and courts 1 and 2 are booked, courts 3 and 4 are free. You should book court 3.

Finally, in order to help with distancing please access courts 1 and 3 from the front gate, and access courts 2 and 4 from the rear gate. The padlock codes will be issued to you as they currently are, when your booking is confirmed.

Enjoy your doubles, and stay safe, and please respect the fact that we still need to keep our distance (and stay alert!).

Best wishes
The committee ([email protected])

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