All Meads LTC members should expect to feel welcomed, valued and respected.

To ensure these values are upheld and maintained please help us by;

  • Inducting new members into etiquette in and around the courts.
  • Respecting all members.  
  • Upholding Fair Play values including good sportsmanship; honesty and respect whether you win or lose; taking responsibility for your actions; calling scores and lines clearly and fairly, even if it costs you the point; learning and following the rules; being a role model for younger people and enjoying the sport.
  • Ensuring that parents, or an agreed adult, supervise their children who are U13 whilst they are on the premises at Meads LTC. 
  • Ensuring that no-one on the Meads LTC premises is subjected to aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone, regardless of any irritation that may occur.  
  • Reporting any incident that causes upset or concern to our Welfare Officer.