Slow Motion Video Analysis for Tennis

Video Analysis

To improve a Tennis players strokes and movement it is important to see the sequence of joint and limb movements so that changes to be made are appropriate for the players age and ability.

 It is not always possible to see the sequence of movements at normal speed, therefore a Video recording is used to capture the sequence of movements. Once the video is captured, video analysis software is used to analyse the stroke/movement patterns.

A Camera that records at 300FPS is used to record the strokes, the Video is played back either in the camera or on a laptop and the Video can be displayed on a battery operated TV courtside.

With this equipment the stroke can be recorded, analysed and discussed courtside, the practices/drills to improve the stroke can be selected and then the drills can be practiced. After this the stroke can be recorded again and the before and after compared.

The benefits of this are that the player clearly understands what needs to change, the drills that need to be performed, and most importantly the player is confident that the stroke can be improved as they can see the change.

The one to one coaching session is ideal to look at a particular stroke and make improvements to the stroke.

The session consists of:

  • Warm up
  • Recording of stroke at 300 frames per second, the stroke may be recorded from several angles to enable the improvement to be identified.
  • Analysis of stroke to identify how the stroke may be improved.
  • Select/develop exercises to improve stroke
  • Practice the exercises
  • Record the stroke again to effect of practice

The session is conducted on-court using a high-speed camera to record the strokes and a Battery operated TV to display the Video. A Laptop can be used to run Video comparison software using an extensive library of Video Clips of Pro Players and  Junior Players.

A summary of the improvements to be made and a copy of all Video taken will be provided on CD/DVD.

The sessions may take place on your local courts or on the courts used by Advantage-Tennis. You will need to arrange a practice partner for the session.

To book a session email