Members do not have to pay to book a court If playing with non members the guest fee should be paid.

Memberships run for 12 months from the time of registration and cover all your court costs. Each named member on couples and family membership can book a court once a day. Court bookings run to a maximum of 2 hours per members name.

Nid oes rhaid i aelodau dalu i chwarae.

Rhedir y cyfnod aelodaeth am 12 mis wedi dyddiad eich ymaelodi.  Mae pob aelod a gofrestrwyd yn cael bwcio cwrt unwaith bob dydd am gyfnod hyd at ddwy awr.

Membership Fees:                                                               Ffioedd Aelodaeth:

Adult (Individual) £63                                                         Oedolyn (Unigolyn) £63

Adult (Couple) £105                                                           Oedolyn (Cwpwl) £105

Family £126                                                                           Teulu £126

Student/Child/Unwaged £31.50                                        Myfyriwr/Plentyn/Heb gyflog £31.50

Supporter  £30                                                                       Cefnogwr £30

Schools  (Fewer than 250 learners) £210                   Ysgolion (Llai na 250 o ddysgwyr) £210

Schools (Between 250-500 learners) £212.50.           Ysgolion (Rhwng 250-500 o ddysgwyr) £212.50

Schools (More than 500 learners) £315.                    Ysgolion (Dros 500 o ddysgwyr) £315



Please be aware when taking out a family or couples membership that the main contact will need to tick the box next to their own name  at the add member page to be included in the membership package.

Dalier sylw, wrth ddewis aelodaeth i’r teulu neu i gwpwl, mae angen i’r prif gyswllt dicio’r blwch cyferbyn â’i enw/ei henw er mwyn ychwanegu ei enw/ei henw i’r pecyn aelodaeth.

By applying to become a member of NCTC Ltd you agree to the following statements:

I agree to pay the annual subscription fee when due.

In the event of NCTC Ltd being dissolved I undertake to contribute up to £1 to the company. 

I understand that I will be entitled to vote at the Annual General meeting. 

If I fail to pay my membership within 28 days, I accept that I will cease to have the privileges of membership and will no longer be allowed to vote at any AGM.


Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 irrespective of:-

Ethnicity or nationality

Religion or beliefs


Sexual orientation 




Voting rights for different membership categories:-

Full member -one vote

Family members -one vote

Junior member - no vote

Student member(if over 18) -one vote

Concessionary member - one vote.



Adult Membership/Aelodaeth Oedolyn

12 months membership

Single Full Adult Membership/Aelodaeth Oedolyn Sengl Lawn

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Couple Membership/Aelodaeth Pâr

12 months membership

2 adults of the same house hold/2 oedolyn yn byw yn yr un cyfeiriad

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Family Membership/Aelodaeth Teulu

12 months membership

Adults and children from the same household/Oedolion a phlant o'r un cartref

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Student/Child/Unwaged Myfyriwr/Plentyn/Heb gyflog

12 months membership

Student/Child/Unwaged Myfyriwr/Plentyn/Heb gyflog

Eligibility: Proof may be required/Mae'n bosib y bydd angen prawf

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