Our club is run with a group of lovely volunteer, who give plenty of their time and effort so that we can all have a great time.

Committee Members

Chairman - Andy Hopcraft
After a long stint as the Social Secretary, Andy has stepped up to the Chairman's position and has found it quite comfortable!

Membership Secretary & Vice-Chairman - Armaan K. Ahmed
Taking a backseat now after becoming the youngest tennis club chairman in the country, Armaan takes care of any queries any of our members may have.

Match Secretary - Darren Brown
Being a member of the club since the early years of being a junior, our former chairman has given his time to make sure our club stays competitive. He's really the brains behind all the teams we have in competition, in Summer & Winter.

Treasurer - Darryl Lucas
The man behind the scenes crunching all the numbers and in front of the scenes when it comes to all things tennis related. Our resident school teacher also runs the junior clubnights loved by all!

Social Secretary - Nicki Smith
Taking over from Andy, Nicki organises all our social events and then makes them so much fun herself!

Parents Liason/Welfare Officer - Loren Nally
As well as running a "coffee shop" in the clubhouse, our marketing extraordinaire makes sure everyone at our club can feel safe and secure at all times.

Coach - Nigel Willard
Our Head Coach Nigel helps us with insight and connections with the LTA so we're always at the forefront of Tennis in the UK.

Committee Members - Sara Wragg & Tom Garry
Whether it's sweeties from Sara or a full on BBC interview/commentary from the one and only Tom Garry, these two contribute many ideas to help improve the club.