Nuneaton Lawn Tennis Club - Floodlight Usage and Membership

Floodlight membership is an additional optional payment to purchase unlimited access to our Tennis Floodlights. This option offers all members increased value and convenience, giving you more flexibility and opportunity to play more tennis. Alternatively floodlight tokens can be purchased on a 'pay as you go basis'

Floodlight Membership:

  • £60 per year (equivalent to £5 per month!)
  • The payment applies per Member or per Family and Parent & Junior ie juniors are free on their parents Light Membership
  • Light members will be given a PIN number for a key safe, inside the key safe is the key to operate the lights

If you want to play under the floodlights without being light inclusive you still can, the current fees are:

Pay as You Go:

  • £6 per hour per court
  • £1.50 per token
  • Tokens can be purchased from your committee members or the coaches
  • If a Floodlight approved member are playing with a non - light member, it is the responsibility of the Floodlight member to ensure that the non-light member pays for their share of the floodlights
  • Please note that the coaches have been instructed not switch the lights on for members - but they will sell tokens as required by members 

Terms and Conditions:

By signing up to light inclusive membership you agree to the following

  1. You take responsibility for allowing only light inclusive members access to the key box
  2. If any members who are not light inclusive members play with you under lights, you take responsibility for collecting the pro-rata fee applicable e.g. if 4 people play for 2 hours and one is NOT a light inclusive member, you must collect £3 from them and post in the clubhouse as now
  3. You take responsibility for ensuring the lights are turned off after you have played, unless someone else is following on behind
  4. You take responsibility for ensuring that the light key is returned to the key box after use