For further information see the course listing below or contact our LTA Registered Coach who delivers a wide range of private lessons and programmes for adults, children and groups of all ages and levels. Lessons can be taught in many languages from English or French, Polish, Italian and Spanish:

Rudolph Benjamin 07931 835294


Please note:  No unauthorised coaching  permitted. 

 To find out more information about coaching or to book onto a course, please call 020 7332 3773 for more information or visit the Parliament Hill Office (daily 9am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm-4pm ). 

If you're having some issues joining one of the adult classes please ensure that your date of birth details are correct as you may receive an error message if ClubSpark thinks you're below 16 years of age. All you need to do to rectify the issue is amend your Date of Birth that the system has for you. If you log into you account using your normal sign in method, Click into your name area in the top right hand corner and edit your Date of Birth in the 'My profile' area and also on the 'my details' tab. It needs to be amended in both areas to your true Date of Birth and then you will be allowed to then book on any adult coaching courses.

There are children's coaching Summer Holiday tennis camps at