Junior Programme

Dear Parent/Guardian

New junior programme  is online now, please see below.

The Pavilion and the Lawn Tennis Association will be working together to deliver the LTA Youth Start programme

Please sign up for a 6 week programme, the benefits will include

  • LTA Youth Start is a starter course for kids,
  • comprising of 6 high quality sessions,
  • that introduce tennis to children in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • An LTA Youth Start racket, ball-set, and branded t-shirt

PLEASE NOTE - No child can join a course unless they have signed up for the course. The coaches will be asking for proof of enrolment.

***You will have to sign up for another 6 week course after the May half term***

Best wishes



Children between 3 and 16 years old can now get stuck into the world of tennis with an exciting programme offering the perfect introduction to the sport, with all the fun and energy of the real thing.There are four stages of LTA Mini Tennis; Tots, Red, Orange, Green, and this tailored approach enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age. We will be looking for talented players to place into squads and hopefully represent the Pavilion Tennis Teams.

All lessons for the Junior Programme are below. Please simply book a course and fill in your details.  

Please note if you join a group late the price will be worked out pro-rata.