Junior Coaching

At Cirencester Tennis Club we offer a variety of coaching and opportunities for juniors to progress their tennis for all ages and abilities.  

If you are planning on booking a weekday class but haven't attended before please email Jono so he can point you towards the right group.  Saturday sessions will only be bookable one week ahead of the date of the course so you won't be able to book before this.

To make a booking you will need to have a Clubspark account so that we have the contact information in case of cancellations.  If you do not currently have an account you will need to register for one, but this only takes a couple of minutes.  You may only click the membership discount if the participant of the course is a current member of Cirencester Tennis club. 

As a rough guide these are what the colours mean, each group is different though so don't hesitate in asking Jono which would suit best, john.mellowes@phoenixtennis.co.uk:

Munchkin 3-5 year olds, children who can't last a full hour or need to learn through co-ordination exercises

Mini Red 6-8 year olds, children moving to a full hour, learning the basic P.A.S system, path/angle/speed.

Mini Orange 8-10 year olds, rallying in either the boxes or orange court

Mini Green 10-12 year olds, rallying full court and starting to play more points

Junior: Yellow ball full court, learning through rallying and point play 

Junior Performance: Ball colour dependent on age, invitational groups aimed at players looking to compete, involves more fitness and the mental side of the game.

In case of bad weather a "spare" week will always be left at the end of term in case your session is cancelled. If you haven't heard from your coach regarding weather please assume lesson is on. As we're outdoors, a decision sometimes has to be made on site at the start of the session. We allow two catch up weeks, sadly we can't offer more than this, we rarely have to cancel more than one a term as we play in most weathers.