Meet our Coaches


I’m Andy Keen, Head Coach, at Ravenscourt Park Tennis, Latymer Chiswick and Hammersmith Squash and I’m delighted to introduce myself and my coaching team to you  

LTA Accredited Tennis Coaches  

Andy - Level 4 Senior Performance Coach LTA + England Squash Level 3 Head Coach & Owner of Ravenscourt Park Tennis and Hammermsith Squash available for private tennis sessions at Ravenscourt Park Monday - friday 8am until dark 

Ken - Level 3 LTA Available for sessions at Wednesdays and Weekends at Ravenscourt Park Tennis 

Greg Santoro - Fergusson - LTA Level Accredited 4 Coach - Available for sessions at Latymer Chiswick Venue Monday to Saturday 

Hannah Bernsau - LTA Level 3 Accredited Coach - Available for Sessions on a Monday and Sunday at Ravenscourt Park 

Rianka Patel - LTA Level 3 Accredited Coach - Available for sessions on a Thursday at Ravenscourt Park

Jamie - Level 3 LTA  Available for sessions on Sundays 

Ozod -  level 3 LTA  Junior Sessions for Tennis Icon, Junior Holiday Camps

William Gray England Level 2 Tennis Coach and 1 Squash Coach Available for Tennis Sessions with Tennis Icon and Squash Sessions Sundays with Hammersmith Squash  

Dan - Level 3 LTA Experienced Junior Camp instructor - specalises in younger players 

Angus Level 2 LTA Junior Tennis Camp Assistant 

Cassian Level 2 LTA Junior Tennis Camp Assistant

Georga Level 2 LTA Junior Tennis Camp Assistant 

LTA Assistant Coaches 

Jack Keen Level 1 LTA and England Squash Coach

 Sophia Level 1 LTA

Ollie Level 1 LTA

Anika Level 1 LTA

Freddie Level 1 LTA 

If you have any questions, call in when we are running a class. We are always happy to have a chat about any of our courses.

We organise all RCPT courses, events and tournaments throughout the year and work with other coaches to organise a wide range of lessons and camps to players of all ages and abilities.

Please take a look at at our comprehensive varity of courses for Mini-kids, Juniors and Adults.

We also offer LTA ClubSpark Adult Social, Tournaments and Events.

We offer holiday courses during every school holiday.  So whether you’re new to tennis, a ‘rusty racquet’ or want to do some hard hitting every one is welcome.