Team Tennis

At Redhill we have a total of 19 Adult Mens, Ladies and Mixed teams in the Surrey, Weald, Dorking & Leatherhead & local veterans league.The Surrey and Weald leagues run all year with separate Summer & Winter competitions and the Dorking & Leatherhead in the summer only. We also run a Mens Summer National League team.

On Thursday evenings throughout the year we run a match practice organised session for all our squad players starting at 7.30 pm.

We also currently have 10 Junior teams in County  leagues.

For adult team tennis information contact either:

For Junior team tennis information contact Dave Earl [email protected].




2018 has proven to be another great year for Redhill’s teams, with the A teams maintaining their positions in some of the top divisions of their leagues. Notably there have also been some brilliant performances from the other teams! 


In the Wealdleague, the Ladies team came second in Division 1 in the winter behind Limpsfield A and were middle of the table in the summer. The Ladies SurreysA team were middle of the table in Division 8 in the winter. We entered a Ladies team in the summer league but it was too strong for our ladies second team and they were bottom of the table.


In the summer Dorking and Leatherhead league, the Ladies 1stteam finished 3rd in a strong Division 1. The Ladies 2ndteam who were promoted to Division 3 finished 7th. Many thanks and well done to all who have played in matches, but particularly to Karin Crabbé, Karen McCarthy and Freya Pearce for running teams.


The mixed teams have also enjoyed another incredibly successful year. In the winterWealdLeague,the A team came 2ndin Division 1 and the B team came 2ndin Division 2. In the summer Weald league, the 1stteam came 2ndin Division 1 and the 2ndteam finished top of the table in Division 2. In the DorkingandLeatherheadleague, both teams played in Division 1 with the 1stteam champions of Division 1 again, whilst the 2ndteam came 6th. Well done to everyone who has played in matches – fantastic results! Particular thanks to David Whitwick and Karin Crabbé for running the mixed teams.


Mens Teams


Surrey League

Mens 1 saw promotion from a 2ndplace finish in Div 9 in the winter and remained in Div 9 in the summer after a 3rdplace finish. Mens 2 remained in Div 11 in the winter after a 4thplace finish and saw relegation from Div 11 with a 5thplace finish in the summer. Mens 3 saw relegation from Div 20 with a 5thplace finish in the winter and promotion from a 2ndplace finish in Div 23 in the summer. Thanks to Ross Brown, Lawrence Hills and Chris Hann for running the teams. 


Weald League

Massive congratulations to Mens 1 for winning the Weald title for the first time in the clubs history this summer. A number of people have spent a lot of time and effort to finally achieve this goal – well done to all who contributed.

Mens 1 finished 3rdin the winter and 1stin the summer of the top division. Mens 2 finished 6thin the winter and 5thin the summer of the top division. We are 1 of only 2 clubs to have 2 representatives in the top division of this competition. Mens 3 finished 2ndin Div 5 in the winter and 6thin Division 2 in the summer. This sees the team promoted in the winter and relegated in the summer. Thanks to Ross Brown, Lawrence Hills, and Pete Mitchell for running the teams


Dorking and Leatherhead 

Mens 1 finished 5thin the division 1, maintaining their status in the top division of the competition. Mens 2 finished 7thin division 1. Though this sees them relegated to division 2 it’s a great effort after 2 years of back to back promotions. Thanks to Joe Reddick and Oli Knowles for running the teams.



Mens 1 finished 5 in Div 5 of the Aegon competition. Though this will probably see relegation to Div 6, it’s again off back to back promotions. I run this one so thanks to me.



2019 is going to be an exciting year for the teams at Redhill – we are continuing to look at ways of including as many people as possible in matches and have introduced match practice sessions for the ladies. Please speak to us if you want to know more information!


Simone Murrough -Ladies Captain

Scott Ellis -Men's Captain