Box League 2 - results

Congratulations to all on the conclusion of Box League Round 2.

88 RLTC members took part across the 15 boxes and managed to get 86 matches played over the round despite challenges provided by tournament and the weather. 

Well played all, and congratulations to the winners of each box! 

Box Winner 2nd spot
1 Antoine de Cottignies Sophie Weedon
2 Nic Lasalvia Carmen Cacicedo
3 Jean-Baptiste Ze Mbaa Benoit Douguet
4 Akhilesh Pokhariyal Adrian Guerrero
5 Elie Couttet Gonzalo Romero
6 Kenny Ferguson Neil Abay
7 Andrew Northern Rowan Sexon
8 Cedric Drouet Anna Hall-Wright
9 Cliff Stevenson Vito Mennella
10 Dario Olivieri Jean-Marc Planteau de Maroussem
11 Jonas Goltermann Anne Farrow
12 Michael Bahbout Nick Fedynyszyn
13 Amir M Paul Capewell
14 Matteo Chamonal Marcus Franklin
15 Stephanie Jeliazkova Jilly Macpherson


Special mentions

Jean-Baptiste Ze Mbaa and Benoit Douguet were winner and runner up in Box 4 in Round 1, and did the same in Box 3 in Round 2! 

Similarly, Elie Couttet and Gonzalo Romero were winner and runner up in Box 6 in Round 1, and did the same in Box 5 in Round 2! 

Akhilesh Pokhariyal (4), Elie Couttet (5) and Dario Olivieri (10) with 5 matches played and 5 wins!

Also to the other members with 5 completed matches: Gonzalo Romero, Andrew Northern, Jean-Marc Planteau de Maroussem, Sumantra Chaudhuri and Richard Northern

Virtual round of applause

16 matches that went to 3 sets.  A sure sign of great tennis endeavour! Hat tips to: 

Antoine de Cottignies and Sophie Weedon, Neil Abay and Ishan Islam, Richard Northern and Jessica Boutefeu, Sumantra Chaudhuri and Tony Voller, Akhilesh Pokhariyal and Matt Joseph, Andrew Northern and Don Landers, Annabel Grant and Jean-Marc Planteau de Maroussem, Neil Lambert and Martin Mendilaharzu, Akhilesh Pokhariyal and Tony Pandilovski, Marcus Franklin and Matteo Chamonal, Andrew Northern and Brian Menezes, Cedric Drouet and Anna Hall-Wright, Vito Menella and Neil Lambert, Stephanie Jeliazkova and Michael Brookwell, Dario Olivieri and Jean-Marc Planteau de Maroussem, Neil Lambert and Douglas Kean