New defibrillator for ODP Sports Clubs

There is now an outdoor, green coloured box to house the club defibrillator, allowing access to the device 24/7.

It is located just near the first entrance to the bar (the first door when walking from the entrance road) and is available for all the sports club members.

There is a black box containing the key on top of the unit which has a keypad coded entry system, with clear instructions on how to do this next to the box.  Sports Clubs' members will be sent the keypad code separately by email or newsletter.

Next time you are at the club, can we ask you to have a practice go at using the key box.

We would advise all members to watch the St John Ambulance CPR video which explains how to use a defibrillator.

If any members have question about the outdoor box or defibrillator usage please email Don Landers - he aims to answer any queries within 24 hours.